Pants Quest – Complete Walkthrough and Achievement Guide

This is a walkthrough and achievement guide for Pants Quest.

100% Walkthrough with Achievements


Pants quest is a fun point-and-click adventure game that will take two playthroughs to unlock all achievements. You can miss achievements on your first run and still collect them on your second. However, this guide will walk you through how to unlock all achievements in two runs.

New Game

Turn Down Service

  • Made the bed.

Once you start the game and gain control of your character, interact with the bed. This will make your bed and unlock this achievement.

Fully Loaded

  • Filled the hamper with laundry.

Collect all items of clothing throughout the house and put them in the hamper. Walkthrough/guide incoming.

Suds for Days!

  • Found and washed all the dishes.

Collect all the dirty dishes throughout the house and put them in the sink. Once you have collected all of the dishes you can wash them.

Wash them by picking up the bottle of soap and sponge by the sink. Use the bottle of soap on the sponge. Then use the soapy sponge on the sink. Walkthrough/guide incoming.

Garbage Man

  • Threw out all the trash.

Collect all of the trash throughout the house and dispose of them in either one of the three trashcans. Trashcans are located in the bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom. Walkthrough/guide incoming.

Fed and Watered

  • Achieved coffee and breakfast.

This will unlock throughout the course of the game. Walkthrough/guide incoming.

What A Rush

  • Beat the dolphin game.

The dolphin game is only three levels. Walkthrough/guide incoming.

Good Cat Dad

  • Fed the cat.

For this achievement you will need to progress through the story far enough to have the basement door unlocked, as the can opener is located down there. Once you have the can opener you can open the cat food that is found in a kitchen cabinet.

Once opened, drop the food in the cat’s food bowl in the kitchen.

Minty Fresh

  • Brushed your teeth.

Head to the bathroom and pick up the toothbrush and toothpaste from the cup on the bathroom sink. Use the toothpaste on the toothbrush and then use the toothbrush on the sink.

Raged Against the Machine

  • Listened to all the answering machine messages.

There are three messages on the answering machine located to the right of the couch. Listen to all of them to unlock this achievement.

The One True Pants

  • Found your pants.

This will unlock throughout the course of the game. Walkthrough/guide incoming.

Duty to Do

  • Done did all the things!

This will unlock once you have completed all of your items on the to-do list.

New Game+

Always Sunny

  • Kissed the sun.

Once you have unlocked the basement, head down stairs and grab the step ladder that is near the fuse box. Return to the upstairs hallway and place the ladder next to the side table that is next to the bathroom.

Interact with the painting/photograph of the sunset. It is the top most painting/photograph on the wall.


  • Cast out an ancient evil.

For this you need to grab the expired food from the fridge and use it until you have a figure. Once you have the figure, use the string that is found in one of the kitchen drawers to bind the figure. Once bound, put the figure in the microwave and turn it on.

Swanning About

  • Swim your swan.

On the shelf that is over the computer, there is a book about Origami. Interact with that book and you will receive a piece of paper. Interact with that piece of paper to fold it into a swan. Now head to the bathroom.

Once in the bathroom, interact with the tub in order to plug it. Once plugged, interact with either one of the faucet to fill the tub. Now use the Origami swan on the tub.

Idol Hands

  • Proffered the offer.

Grab the rosemary from the spices in the cabinet over the sink in the kitchen. Head to the basement and offer the rosemary to the tiki idol.

Ice Cold

  • Summoned a blizzard.

Head to the bathroom and grab a piece of toilet paper from the roll next to the toilet. Interact with the piece of paper to tear it up and create ‘snow’. Head to the kitchen and open the freezer. Use the ‘snow’ on the ice tray.

Wet Luckv

  • Drowned your luck.

There is a boardgame/dice game on the shelf next to the TV. Interact with it and you will get some dice. Head to the bathroom and lift the lid of the toilet seat. Use the dice on the toilet to throw them in the bowl. Use the toilet to flush the dice.

Secret Room

  • Found the secret room!

The secret room will reveal itself once you have completed everything.


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