Path of Achra – How to Beat C23 with Astral Purity and Starjumper

Feats Guide: Astral Purity and Starjumper (C23)

I didn’t have Starjumper yet and wanted to try out a teleport build again. In the end, Arch Magus would have been stronger, but Starjumper still gave us some extra AoE damage on teleports, and we teleport a couple of times every turn.

Pants, Robe, and Staff worked very well together to blind the bejeezus out of all enemies so if my random teleports stuck me next to one, odds are they weren’t going to hit me.

However, that’s about all the defense there is in the build and we are going to get hit about 10% of the time still, so we take Gala to heal ourselves when we pray, because we do that every turn, too.

Snake fetish really ramped up the damage, getting procs of poison damage whenever we kill allies with pathing damage, and that happens a lot. You can get a lot of stacks of Meditate and teleport procs by using the first prayer when you enter a level, but with the snake fetish we kill a lot our initial summons with the pathing poison damage, so we might not have enough allies for that to be worthwhile. If it isn’t, we just spam prayer 3. It yoinks an enemy to you, but then you teleport away anyway, refilling the prayer at the same time.

Overall really fun, not sold on Starjumper. Most teleport effects give you Meditate, and Meditate is heavily penalized for Stepping, so we never want to use the Step trigger. The AoE damage only hits enemies, so we can’t use that for any ally killing shenanagins. Best case I can see for it is getting Kairos Veil so you can trigger your Stands on Step, but you’ll still lose Meditate on Step and then you aren’t getting Prayer triggers, either.

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I sincerely hope this was helpful. Good luck to you!

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