Path of Achra – How to Beat C21 with Goblin Mubarizun Venite of Apophis

Feats Guide: Goblin Mubarizun Venite of Apophis (C21)

For the poison purity achievement. This was a slow build that kinda ended up being well rounded.

  • Offense: Basically revolves around tons of hits/attacks and acidify and Morbumancy.
  • Defense: Snakeform, a shitton of dodge, poise from Marsh Trabea, and applying sickness. Early first 5 levels can be unlucky but smooth sailing after that
  • Healing: Poison skin bro

Selection Breakdown

I want to note that all of this was really just accidental.

  • Culture – Goblin – I just didn’t have a win with goblin yet. Turns out being able to walk around with 100+ speed BASE is pretty good. Also moar HP. You could have taken a lot of other cultures though…Arjana, Kull, Tengu, Cyclops lul
  • Class – Mubarizun – Was looking for something with dodge/hits/poison, ended up choosing this. Not really sure what was optimal.
  • Religion – Apophis – Didnt have a win so I just chose it. It ended up being kinda over the top good. Enemies trying to overwhelm me? Snakeform divine intervention with Poison Skin bitch. And then you get divine intervention again because prayers charge up from kills. The crazy thing is being able to cleanse debuffs on demand.

Note: I got spider familiar cause I wanted to try it out. I got it way down the line. It’s pretty decent.

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I hope you found this helpful!

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