Path of Achra – How to Beat C32 with Brud Aslan Necromancer of Eresh

Feats Guide: Brud Aslan Necromancer of Eresh (C32)

And the heavens did shake, life-sparks drawn from all the land and extinguished by the millions. For Eosaji had learned from the mistakes of his nameless predecessor, and suceeded where he had failed.

After ten score years of struggle against the king from beyond the veil did his golden prayer-wheel cleave the usurper’s skull.

  • So yeah this took two attempts, the first was only due to me re-enacting the icarus myth and trying to fight arbiters early with a build that struggles against arbiters late
  • It’s the same as my previous attempt but this time with actual stat allocations, a right-click summons 20 ball lightning and heals to full.
  • Note that my gear is actually fucking terrible with two exceptions, the helm, and more importantly, the chakram. range helps not just for survivability but also because it puts a space between you and your target to summon a ball lightning to be immediately terminated
  • I should have taken my own advice and gone for survivability over damage, I had ice gauntlets but swapped them for arbestus, when I could have taken death/ice redeal pants instead. that would have made this run a lot faster, I don’t think dread sash did much even in terms of killing ball lightnings since I had death staff as my offhand for that
  • Note the stat allocation as well. even 40 will felt like overkill since if i’m healing to full after every right click and most of my damage comes from doom procs the amount of damage I personally do is irrelevant. for lower cycle you can skimp on strength and will, but vigor is so important since you’re healing to full each turn.
  • Now did admittedly have some help this run, I didn’t see a jawhara or a kolec at any point, but I think I could have taken them since the summoning only starts once I’m hitting stuff and once i’m hitting stuff it’s already too late.
  • Anyway, enjoy pilgrims, C32 Brud Aslan Necromancer of Eresh. this build is more or less completely safe on numpad0 just watch for arbiters. if we’re all doing writeups in the Mr Sandman format let’s add some fanfic to the front of it as well I reckon

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I hope this was helpful to you!

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