Path of Achra – How to Beat C32 with Imp Ascetic Angiok of Agara

Feats Guide: Imp Ascetic Angiok of Agara

C32 with Aurora chant and max Ice redeal build. Forgot to screen shot the stats, max damage is around 60K.

I used the fire staff as the main weapon, along with the agni skirt and crimson plate for healing. After I got the staff of chaos, I only changed to redeal pants before meeting bosses.

I have tested the kairos skirt, crystal rod, and lizard visage, but they didn’t work too well overall. Aurora chant doesn’t scale quickly, so we might need a lot of redeal for damage. Bone pakarna is the defensive item, and it gives more redeal too. I think it might be the best arm item for this build.

Vigor isn’t too important once you hit 6K HP; just make sure to collect some redeal pants and switch them for resistance. I feel like unless you have 10k HP plus the crimson plate, you can’t take more than two attacks from most bosses. Stack speed to around 90 is crucial tho.

Lastly, do not fight the yellow queen, prince in red, and voggite (haven’t tested yet, but possibly a hard one too). The yellow queen might one-shot you as soon as she sees you. I think there’s a chance to beat the prince in red with different items, but he is too tanky and can also oneshot you. So I’d rather not risk it.

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I appreciate your time and hope this little tutorial was helpful.

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