Path of Achra – How to Beat C32 with Koszmar Adbi Aqliyya of Apophis

Feats Guide: Koszmar Adbi Aqliyya of Apophis (C32)

O unblemished serpent. Ascend you now to the void. Course your thought-poisons through Apophis and supplant your lord as the eternal coil.

  • So I couldn’t think of anything cool for Aqliyya but the auto hit lends itself well to Abdi and Koszmar. The latter meant I was running Apophis just because I kind of wanted this prestige done with.
  • Snakeform plus master repulsion plus the block % from mindfighter effectively makes you everythingproof leaving only chip damage, which is controllable. the only form of healing this build has is a DI to full and vigor. could possibly have dropped psychokinesis for poison skin.
  • Special mention to Marsh Trabea for being an extra hit off Jade Pilum, giving me the bye against green demons, and also preventing me dooming myself with skull mask.
  • Tried out this whole 100 base speed thing and it went okay I guess.
  • Putting ten points in technique does kind of disqualify you for achivements but mindfighter isn’t quite a synergy skill and the unataak build I wanted to do with this doesn’t work.

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I hope you found this useful!

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