Path of Achra – How to Beat C32 with Mura

Feats Guide: Mura (C32)

Make some tweaks and beat c32 with Mura. Was not an easy run either, ran into several instances of unavoidable Jawharas. They were not easy for this build, but manageable…

Highlights of what I changed / what helped make it happen:

  • Picked up Girka. Was going to be doing a lot of standing/freezing anyway.
  • Naqui is great with Agara, provided the much needed defense / additional damage.
  • I lost count how many times Astrostoicism has saved my bacon. On this build what it does serves multi-purpose: move enemy away from you, which also frees up a space for an extra mirror to spawn (if the mob was adjacent). Also beefs up your Girka although that effect is relatively minor.
  • I accepted the fact that I would be moving around and shifted away from stacking mediatation (replaced it with Attune from Naqui ) + inflame from Roil.

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That concludes the guide, hope you found it helpful!

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