Path of Achra – How to Beat C32 with Naqui Zealot Mindhunter of Apophis

Feats Guide: Naqui Zealot Mindhunter of Apophis (C32)

Build Notables:

  • Picked Apophis for the passive str boost originally (reasoning: more points to spread into dex and wil for the prestige benefits)…
  • But then I realized that I would need lots of out-of prestige tree heals, so went with Zealot for the Hood, but the extra prayers are also nice…
  • So Naqui is a good pick to Attune outselfs when praying.
  • Gore Chant to spawn fodder which will soak up most of incoming damage.
  • Master Repulsion because we take damage when attacked so lets not take more for getting hit. This will laso boost our astral damage from prayer 1 and 3.
  • Lets stack repulsion with Psychic Retort, Psychokinesis and Amplify Pain.
  • Projection for the extra hits when praying / standing.
  • Roil for stacking inflame and extra heals.


Clear fodder with prayer 3, ideally while within range 4 of enemies. Then, get into range <=4 (you deal max damage right next to enemies) and use prayer 1 (or more of prayer 3).

If you have good weapons and lots of attune stacks switching to attacking instead of praying can give you more damage, espetially vs single targets.

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I hope you found this useful. Wishing you luck!

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