Path of Achra – How to Beat C32 with Valr Druid Gliva of Ikshana

Feats Guide: Valr Druid Gliva of Ikshana (C32)

Build Notables:

  • Ikshana is good for this prestige for the spammable prayers, and the +20 summon limit.
  • Druid for the extra summons.
  • Valr because it allows us to max our block faster + gives additional damage when our allies die.
  • Groove Cult is our main source of healing + initial shroom wall.
  • Master Repulsion to stack block via repulsion + more psychic / astral damage.
  • Psychokinesis + Amplify Pain to stack lots of repulsion.
  • Innervation to make our shroomies faster + no friendly fire.
  • Projection to combine our prayer actions with our stand actions.
  • Astrokinesis to give us damage at range + damage at any range.


Standard Ikshana gameplay => alternate between prayer 1 and prayer 3 while within range 4 of enemies, then step to recharge your prayers and get within range of more enemies.

Once your summon cap is reached you can attack manually instead, though praying + standing is likely going to give you more damage depending on your skill levels. Did not run into any enemies this build couldn’t handle, but some might exist.

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That concludes the guide, hope you found it helpful!

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