Path of Achra – How to Beat C20 with Qamar Ascetic Arch-Magus of Fawdaa

Feats Guide: Qamar Ascetic Arch-Magus of Fawdaa (C20)

Did this for psychic purity. Chose all the astral themed stuff cause you kinda need it. Only the class has flex room. You need remove stasis in on way or another.

Psychic tree is probably one of the strongest trees in the game. There is definitely a weakness (more on this below) but its probably one of the trees that could go on for a while on the cycles.


  • Shitton of meditate
  • Arch-Magus and starcult (with shimmergang summons) give you meditate which procs damage. Theres a good chance you wont even press a button to clear a map
  • Tons of body blockers with minions being summoned
  • First prayer on Fawdaa Teleports you and all your minions which does a bajillion procs of Master Teleport giving you moar medidate. Usually, map is done by end of 1st turn if it didnt end on your entrance.


  • You could screw yourself with an unlucky teleports ( This is why you have minions and get some decent speed)
  • Ultimate squish build, no real defense other than minions ( I got a crapton of dex for this reason for the dodge). Robe of light helps a shitton with this.

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I sincerely hope this was helpful. Good luck to you!

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