Path of Achra – Synergy Fun and You

Want to have a miles-long list of inflicted damage in a single attack?

The Gist of It

Path of Achra is pure synergy p*rn

The meat and potatoes of the game is to build a combination of gear and skills that will snowball and pinball into extremely funny stuff like this:

A good build is a build where all the moving parts feed into one another. If one of your gear pieces or skills is a dead end that does not make use of your character’s strengths, then either that piece of gear is suboptimal (for now), or that skill is suboptimal (for now).

Example 1: Making and Breaking Synergy

Say you have a spear that does Pierce, and to improve its output, you took Agility for the tripled damage on first attack.

Say you also do fire damage due to various other equipment and skills.

You take Shamsar, but your Spear won’t be able to proc it. Nonetheless, you get the Golden Axe, which seems like an appreciable bump in damage.

Now Agility’s damage bonus is lost, making its use less relevant, as the only gain is dodge.

Instead you could take something like Entangle, which does not add damage directly, but it does proc on hits, and makes enemies easier to hit, while also inflicting pierce on them if they move, which can proc whatever you have that also procs off of pierce.

Selecting Proc Types

Path of Achra is Very Honest

Descriptions of skills and weapons are as verbatim as you can possibly get. Everything works exactly as advertised. Thus, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the main forms of Procs that exist, so that you can pick one or two, and build off of them.

There are mutually exclusive Procs that you cannot perform on the same action, so keep that in mind. If you can’t proc all your offense or defense with the same action or defensive result, you’re effectively not using all your skills at once.

Main Procs

Most skills will Proc off of these actions.

  • On Entrance: Procs when you enter a level.
  • On Game Turn: Every full game turn. Your speed may allow you to act multiple times a turn. If you lost a stack from any status, then a turn passed.
  • On Stand Still: Procs when you wait. Mutually exclusive with Attack. You can wait multiple times a turn if your speed is high.
  • On Attack: Procs when you attack an enemy. You don’t need to hit. Mutually exclusive with Stand Still.
  • On Hit: Procs when your attack connects with an enemy successfully.
  • On Shrug Off: Procs when your resistances and defenses are strong enough to turn an enemy hitting you into a shrugged off hit. Mutually exclusive with Dodge and Block.
  • On Dodge: Procs on your dodges. Mutually exclusive with Shrug Off and Block.
  • On Block: Procs on your blocks. Mutually exclusive with Dodge and Shrug Off.
  • On Being Hit: Procs when an enemy inflicts damage to you successfully. Mutually exclusive with Dodge and Block.
  • On Kill: Procs when an enemy dies to whatever you inflicted upon it.

Adjacent Procs

Adjacent Procs mostly work identically to main Procs, with the difference that Adjacent means the enemy is touching you directly from any direction (including diagonal), and non-adjacent means the enemy is at any range beyond 1.

Ally Procs

Ally procs mostly work identically to main Procs, but they have to be performed by Allies instead of you.

On Skill and On Deal Damage Procs

They are self explanatory. Either a specific skill is needed for the effect to proc (Generally this is Teleportation, or adding stacks of something), or a specific damage type.

So, what do I do with that?

Pick skills and equipment that allows for your procs to chain into one another as much as possible. This works better the other way: Do not take procs that are mutually exclusive. Almost all procs can feed into one another, but:

  • Do not take Stand Still procs if you need to attack.
  • Do not take Attack procs if you need to stand still.
  • Do not take whatever defensive procs (Block, Dodge, Shrug Off) rely on different survival stats than your main one. I.e if you mainly dodge, don’t take block.
  • Do not take procs that need damage types you don’t have, but DO take procs that inflict MORE types of damage off of the ones you already deal.

Example 2: Proc Chain

Let’s say your current class is a type of fire mage. Your main weapon casts firebolts.

You take Pyrokinesis, which inflicts fire damage at any distance when you hit an enemy.

You can then take Astrokinesis and Electrokinesis to diversify your damage pool, and then pick Immolation, since it triggers based on those damage types.

Add Fire Healing to apply more Scorch and thus magnify the effect of Immolation.

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