Path of Achra – Useful Tips for Defense

Explanation of Defense

The best way to think about defense is that it’s all layers.

Not every build will use every layer of defense, but you can’t just stack one kind and expect to win.

Dodge is Defense

It protects you from attacks. However many enemies deal some amount of direct damage without needing to succeed on their attack. Or else have astronomical accuracy.

Block and Armor are Defense

They reduce the damage you take when hit. However lots of effects trigger on hit and block/armor don’t protect you from debuffs. Also some enemies just hit too hard to realistically defend against.

Divine Interventions are Defense

Getting three or more resurrections on a single floor can let you squeeze out victory from the jaws of defeat. Though you need to recharge your prayers afterward. Also some enemies will just attack you three times and burn through all your DIs and kill you.

Raw HP is Defense

If it takes 2 hits to kill you following each divine intervention that’s 100% more turns you have to put down your opponents. Of course HP can be hard to refill.

Healing is Defense

Healing – also defense! Recovering the inevitable damage you take during a run lets you survive later on when level ups aren’t common enough to sustain with just leveling vigor alone. Though healing won’t help if you just die when attacked.

Speed is Defense

Lastly, Speed – also defense! Acting more often is the best way to kill things, which in turn keeps you alive! If you can kill things before they get to move then you don’t need as much defense…though there are enemies with monsterous levels of speed which will be able to keep up with you and require you to invest in other sources of defense.

It’s hard to build a character that uses every layer of defense. Mostly because you need to invest in a defense for it to matter as you progress to higher difficulties.

So you’ll need to pick and choose methods of building a combination of defenses to survive your run. It’s also worth noting that the exact amount you need is tricky to gauge until you’ve played the game a bit. Invest too much and you’ll fold like glass to something else. Invest too little and you defense won’t help you in the situations you expect.

And as mentioned – your layers don’t need to be block, dodge, and armor. I won a melee run on cycle 19 with Speed, HP, and Healing as my layers of survivability. I had 10 dodge, 1 block, and 1 armor. But I also had 10k HP, 3000+ speed, and the ability to heal 100% of my health bar on melee attack

There are other ways to improve survivability too. Summons can soak hits for you, though some enemies will get stronger as you summon or as they kill your summons.

Line of Sight can protect you, but it’s extremely unreliable as every map is randomly generated and you might just get got.

Hopefully this guide helped you!

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