Pathfinder: Kingmaker – General Tips

Tips and Tricks

  • Save often. Save before fights. Save all the time. You can also increase the quicksave and autosave slots in the options menu.
  • Keep a rope and a crowbar in your inventory whenever possible.
  • Try to keep your character and party encumbrance to ‘light.’
  • Solve “Problem” quests ASAP. If a quest says to do something immediately, it’s not joking.
  • Crowd control spells and abilities make most encounters much easier.
  • Pre-buff as much as possible before fights. Especially things that cancel out debuffs like Delay Poison or Death Ward.
  • Have one or more characters with high perception at all times. Doubling up on trickery can be pretty nice too.
  • There are a ton of difficulty options in the game if you want to tweak different settings. You can turn down kingdom management or automate it if you don’t like the system, for example.
  • Single-class builds are pretty strong in this game, especially for spellcasters. I wouldn’t get too crazy on multi-classing unless you know what you’re doing or following a guide.
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