Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous – Playful Mood Achievement Guide

Guide to Playful Darkness

This was done on Core difficulty.

It is not very complicated:

  1. Have a cleric with pilar of life spell (level 5 spell).
  2. Position your team in a big room just before the narrow passage, that leads to the encounter.
  3. Start a battle, you preferably want to do it with animal companion, because you want to bait playful darkness closer to you, if you dont have companion,sacrifice your least valuable companion
  4. Bait playful darkness to the entrance of the narrow passage.
  5. Place pilars of light with your cleric.
  6. Take care of the rest of the trash with your ranged companions.
  7. Throw everything you can at PD, spam channel positive energy – damage undead, shoot with companions, maybe you get lucky crits, dont forget to spam summons to keep PD stuck at one place, you dont have to go to melee
  8. For quicker deleting of that slag you can shoot midnight bolts.

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