Pax Dei – Early Access Extended FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we buy EA Access on Steam directly?

You will be able to buy directly from steam on June 18th, in the meantime, just the website but you can get a steam key from there.

Will we be able to purchase Founders Packs after EA?

The founders packs will not be gone on the 18th (this implies that players can buy beyond Early Access launch/start date).

What time will EA start on the 18th?

Right now: 12:00pm UTC. Might vary.

Will Pax Dei be launched/available on GeForce Now?

Geforce Now – not at launch [of EA] but yes we’re working on that and will want to have it.

When will we get our purchased keys?

The keys will be distributed on [the] 18th. If you have the purchase confirmation email, you should be good.

Will there be any sort of discounts for EA?

To be clear, we don’t have any current plans to go into discounts soon after the early access date.

Will I have to pay a sub during EA?

Not during Early Access.

Do plots apply to each character or the account?

Plots are account-based, not character based. In summary:

  • Journeyman – 1 plot to share between 2 characters.
  • Artisan – 2 plots to share between 4 characters.
  • Master – 4 plots to share between 6 characters.

Do the number of plots in the founders packs carry over to the full release?

The founder pack grants you the specified number of plots for the duration of the EA. After full release you pay a monthly fee, the amount of which depends on the amount of plots you choose include at that time

You can take the 1-plt pack in EA and get a sub with more plots in the final game. The two are disconnected.

What happens to the plots that we purchase via Founders Packs?

Our costs are very directly tied to the plots. We don’t think the land really is pay to win, as increased amount of plots just means more work and any clan that organizes themselves can get effectively unlimited plots. The extra packs are intended mostly as a social feature for clans to get more land for bigger projects and there really is no win condition here.

Has combat been updated for Early Access?

The combat mechanics are the same at start of EA as they were in Alpha 2, but there have been a bunch of improvements to combat locomotion and it should feel clearly more fluid now.

Does one get the gargoyle if one pre purchases the founders pack for Steam?

You get the Gargoyle if you purchase the game or steam key through the paxdei webshop.

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