PAYDAY 2 – Stealth Decks Explained

This is not one of those stealth guides you usually see.

Explanatory Guide to Stealth Decks


Very casual but yet respectable pick. People say its the best one out there but I think all of em are pretty good. Hacker is very beginner friendly and great for ecm rushing cus of its pecm’s that are very powerful element in stealth.


Wow. What a basic choice. I know it has all of this cool little stuff but thats about it. Im not saying its bad I just think its boring on its own way. This is just my personal prefrence.


I bet you feel like a racing car after you zerk. I havent seen you guys in my stealth pubs but still a respectable pic. Also helps with bag moving and such.


Wait. This deck doesnt give you any stealth benefits you are correct but hear me out. If you put transporter aced on this bad boy ur moving bags in no time. This is the only deck who can compete with yakuza’s bag movement speed but with anarchist, you can atleast throw em further than your yakuza friends.

Crew Chief

Ok man now actually wtf hear me out hear me out. Have you sometimes ran out of stamina while moving your bags, well fear no more because now you can give extra stamina to you and your crew members. Trust me your yakuza friends are gonna love it. Oh and thats not all. You can also get better crowd control with this deck.

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