Payday: The Heist – Noob Herder Achievement Guide

This is a guide i made where i try my best to explain how you can get the Noob Herder achievement, this may require friends and/or a group of randoms who are also looking for the achievement.

How to Obtain Noob Herder Achievement

All credit goes to Dpopbopzoppitydop the shwizdizzi!

Step 1. Friends

Due to the very, very low amount of new players who play public lobbies in Payday : The Heist you’ll need atleast 3 friends who own the game, this can be easily done by simply playing public lobbies without being toxic and trying your best

Step 2. Backup

If your friends are willing to reset their data for the achievement, you should do your part too! even if they’re fine with you not resetting your data to allow them to get the achievement they should still back their stuff up

You’ll want to go to Users > (insert name) > AppData > Local > PAYDAY > saves.

Once you find the file, back it up somehow.

Step 3. Resetting Your Data

This can be done by entering the game, going to settings and clicking on the button, doing it this way keeps all stats but you lose everything, basically allowing you to use the Noob Lube again

Step 4. Heist

You must do a heist in Overkill difficulty in order to get said achievement, this can be hard as 3-4 people have no armor and are equipped mainly with the B9-S, AMCAR-4 and maybe a deployable if they get a couple levels, these are unupgraded weapons and will not do well in a difficulty this high (especially the B9-S), it is recommended to do The Diamond Heist as you can get pretty far without a fire fight, you can get as far as to the codes before it goes loud, if you’re very lucky you can enter the vault before even going loud, however you should either grab the gems fast or start the alarms outside the vault as you’ll get a ton of units inside the vault


If you didn’t reset your data and a friend didn’t back up their data/someone is genuinely new to the game you can use Mr Nice Guy to allow them to get more cash as the perk stacks with Noob Lube, a 40% cash bonus can be somewhat useful in these cases, if they did back up their data and aren’t new to the game you can use something like Protector since these people won’t have armor

Only 1 person can be the grace of the team when it comes to getting this achievement, bring a medic bag exclusively, however if it’s The Diamond Heist you should bring the sentry gun and a grenade launcher to quickly get the gems without having to worry about too much units in the vault as your little scrunkly will kill those commies.

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