People Playground – Extinction Achievement Guide

How to get the extinction achievement.

How to Obtain Extinction Achievement

How-To (Step-by-Step)

Mods Required

  • Smart Spawner
  • Time Accelerator

Step 1

  • Place a bunch of decimators in a row like this:

Step 2

  • Place a bunch of smart spawners above the decimators like this:

Step 3

  • Right click each smart spawner individually and scroll down till you see “set item”. click that and change it to Human.

Step 4

  • Place a metronome above the smart spawners and connect the metronome to all of the smart spawners with the propagation wire.

Step 5

  • Highlight everything and freeze it.

Step 6

  • Spawn the time accelerator and activate it. When you right click it you can set the speed to however fast you want. it does get laggy if too fast tho, so keep that in mind.

Final Result

This is the final result! simply unpause time and activate everything! The final result should look like this:


  1. thank you although for more veiwers seeing this maybe edit it so there is a link to the smart spawner mod

  2. uh thsi does not count as killing human cause when i made this and teh humans were dying none of my player statistics changed

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