People Playground – New Sentry Turret and Immobility Field Glitch

I have discovered a new glitch, that is about Immobility field and Sentry Turret. It breaks Sentry turret physics.

Glitch to Sentry Turret and Immobility Field

Whats Causing the Glitch?

First of all, we need to place Immobility Field just like on the picture.

Then, pause the game, and lift up the sentry. Then activate the Immobility Field.

Then unpause the game. The sentry is going to act, like it is in the Field. But it actually isn’t.

You can move the sentry turret around, and if it gets too far away from the Immobility Field, it will stop acting like it inside the field.

If you turn the Immobility field into other direction, the turret will stop acting like its inside the field.

But if you put another sentry, that is looking the same direction, as the Immobility Field, it will act like its inside the field, and the sentry that doesn’t, will won’t act like this.

This glitch doesn’t affect other entities. I’m not sure, what also might act like sentry turret with Immobility Field (And the glitch works on every map in the game, except for early editor, where you can’t place sentry turret and Immobility field).

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