Persona 5 Royal – How to Fix Pixelated Resolution Issue

I have noticed that even when changing to native resolution with 200% rendering resolution the game still looks really pixelated. The fix I found for it is to go to the game config file and manually change the resolution.

Pixelated Resolution Fix Guide

The Fix

  1. Press ” WINDOWS key + R “.
  2. Type: ” %appdata% ” .
  3. Then go to the folder: ” SEGA\P5R\Steam*YOUR_ID*\ ” .
  4. Right click ” ScreenSetting.xml ” then left click “edit”.
  5. Change those values to your desired resolution:
    width=”2560″ height=”1440″ resolution_width=”2560″ resolution_height=”1440″
  6. Press ” Ctrl + S ” to save and close the text window.
  7. Launch the game and enjoy!

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  1. I recommend locking the file too. The game has a tendency of changing those settings back when it feels like it

  2. This does nothing to fix the DPI scaling issue so it’s useless for most people, Special K or setting scaling to 100% in windows is the only solution.

  3. Just out of curiosity, the gamepass version doesn’t have “borderless fullscreen” as an option in game, could you set your game to borderless (if it isn’t yet) and tell me the line/value for that in your ScreenSetting.xml, please?

    • the option seems to be borderless=”0″, borderless=”1″ should be what you’re looking for. i think. here’s my XML (borderless not enabled)

      • It is what I was looking for, thank you! Unfortunately, even when changing it the game still opens like before and without a borderless option in the settings, I have no idea what Microsoft did here.

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