Pet Idle – How to Get Your Pet to Level 100 Fast

Easy steps to leveling pets fast…

How to Do

This is a very simple and easy process. To begin, you must have 60 gems for a broccoli plant. To get gems, it is pretty easy, and you can almost earn enough for one broccoli plant every day if you’re lucky. You can get them by completing the daily quests given at the small house right outside of the pets room, and from the gumball machine looking reward spinner.

Once you have 60 gems, plant your broccoli seeds in the garden and make sure to water them. They will grow a broccoli about every 40 mins which is pretty decent, and you must give the broccoli to your pet once you harvest it, and the pets xp will boost considerably.

Come back to harvest the broccoli frequently, and randomly you may notice you have grown a golden broccoli. This will give your pets from what I’ve noticed so far to be a never ending xp boost. For me personally, I brought my pet from level 49 to 91 in only a few hours.

Before you use: The effect does not wear off over time, however, you can cancel the effects by performing several different actions. You want to make sure that you do not send the pet that has been fed the golden broccoli on a walk, otherwise he will no longer have the boost. Likewise, you yourself should not go to the garden, otherwise upon returning to your house you will also notice that the xp boost from the golden broccoli is gone. I have not tested for sure, but I assume the case is the same for closing the game as well, so be sure not to do that.

Side notes: If you have not noticed already in this game, if you do not have this game as the selected window, it will not run in the background and only pause. This of course means you will not gain any pet xp. It should also be noted that even if you have this window opened, you want to remain nearby, because as pets level, they require you to select a skill to upgrade which also pauses the game, so for efficiency purposes be sure to be active moderately.

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