Phantom Brigade – Quick Guide to Pick Good Stuff

TLDR, pick concussion, missile, light-mid armor.

How to Pick Good Stuff


  • Concussive weapons are OP in this version. Especially early-mid game.
  • Concussions not only ignores hostile’s heavy armor but also make salvaging cheaper.
  • Missile launchers are also OP but, the devs admitted missiles should be nerfed.
  • Assault rifles and marksman rifles are descent choice for many combat.


  • Heavy class frames are vulnerable to concussion.
  • If you prioritize tanking, pick a shield which focus on integrity and don’t pick heavy class frames.
  • Shields negates concussion damage and provide good protection against missiles.
  • Light armor for missile spammer, medium armor for front line brawler.


  • Do not kill gear’s identities. ie, reinforce for light armor.
  • Avoid +XX% range (min). This make your guns hyperopia.
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  1. i would say … for armor… jsut pick anything with the highest possible dissipation
    always go for Hotrod R2 generator and T4 Atlas Thrusters.

    Best in slot dissipation armors are

    – asgard heavy torso with an MK3 heatsink
    – Bein legs with booster module
    – 2x blackguard arms with heatsink

    should reach 60 dissipation per turn, and be around 35-40 thrust.

  2. For Mech bodyparts: “Range Sensor” Offensive Module: -20% MIN +20% MAX range

    Does it work? I do not see stats change when equipping. If it works, this module is very good. Maybe broken?

    ALSO: Railguns are VERY GOOD. They shoot through buildings and ignore cover! Less damage but can hit multiple enemies. Railguns are amazing for city and base fights, where enemies come in a line between buildings! Use them on a mech with good Thrust, to dash into position and line up good shots!

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