Phasmophobia – All Monkey Paw Wishes

Here are all of the known Monkey Paw wishes and their effects in Phasmophobia. When making a wish using the Monkey Paw, you’ll get what you asked for – but you will also be inflicted by a negative status effect that will make your ghost-hunting experience a little more challenging.

Weather Monkey Paw Wishes

For all weather-related Monkey Paw wishes, you will become momentarily blinded while the weather undergoes a change.

  • I wish for clear skies – The weather will change to clear.
  • I wish for rain – The weather will change to rainy.
  • I wish for snow – The weather will change to snow.
  • I wish for sunrise – The weather and lighting will change to sunrise.
  • I wish for fog – The weather will change to foggy.

Ghost Information Monkey Paw Wishes

I wish for knowledge – The Monkey Paw will offer you a hint about the ghost’s identity in your Journal, crossing out incorrect evidence and helping you narrow things down. After this, your hearing and sight will be temporarily impaired and a Cursed Hunt will begin.

I wish for Sanity/I wish to be sane – The Monkey Paw will increase your team’s average Sanity levels to 50%, but your Sanity will drop faster over time. The ghost may also move to their favorite room following this wish.

I wish to see the ghost – The ghost will manifest in front of you for five seconds. Next, a hunt will be triggered and you’ll be temporarily blind.

I wish for activity – A ghost event will occur, or the ghost will engage in some form of activity. In return, the front door will be locked for 2 minutes, and the Fuse Box will be permanently turned off.

Hunt-Related Monkey Paw Wishes

I wish the ghost was trapped – The Monkey Paw will lock the Ghost in its favorite room for one minute, but will also lock you in the room you’re currently standing in. Once the minute ends, a Cursed Hunt will begin.

I wish to leave – The Monkey Paw will unlock the front door during a Hunt, allowing you to escape. However, it won’t be easy; you’ll move more slowly and your vision will be impaired during this time.

I wish to be safe – The Monkey Paw will turn off all of the lights in the room you’re currently in. The lights will be temporarily disabled, meaning you won’t be able to turn them on during this time.

I wish for life – You have a chance of reviving your teammate, but at the risk that you (or another random member of your team who is still alive) might die as well.

I wish for anything – The Monkey Paw will trigger a random wish.

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