Phasmophobia – Golden Trophy Guide

In this guide I’ll try to explain how to get the golden trophy for the apocalypse challenge in the easiest way possible.

Guide to Golden Trophy

All credit goes to Niko!


First off, roll the map until you get objectives that are easy for this challenge.

List of easy objectives:

  • Capture a photo of the ghost.
  • Detect a ghost’s presence with a Motion Sensor.
  • Cleanse the area near the ghost using Smudge Sticks.
  • Repel the Ghost with a Smudge Stick while it’s chasing someone.
  • Have a member of the team escape the Ghost during a Hunt.
  • Get an average sanity below 25%.

List of medium objectives:

  • Get the Ghost to blow out a Candle.
  • Find evidence of paranormal activity with an EMF Reader.
  • Have a member of your team witness a Ghost event (based on RNG).

List of hard objectives:

  • Detect a paranormal sound with a Parabolic Microphone.
  • Get a Ghost to walk through Salt.
  • Prevent the ghost from hunting with a Crucifix.

Note: The reason why these objectives are nearly impossible to do is because you need to know the ghost room and even if you happen to find it, the ghost will be hunting most of the time so you have a small window to complete them.


Getting a ghost close to the entrance is very helpful. What you need to do is enter the building with smudge sticks and a candle for vision.

To find the ghost type you need to pay close attention to the ghost’s behavior when it’s hunting you. That includes speed, blinking frequency, footsteps etc. Studying the ghost’s behaviors before playing is highly recommended.

To do the objectives place your equipment on the doorway of the room you are hiding in since we will lure the ghost to that room, it will trigger them. For example motion sensors and candles.

For the ghost photo, what you have to do is lure the ghost to the room that you will hide in, smudge it and spam the photo camera for 2-3 seconds, after that immediately hide.

Note: To spam the photo camera you need to right click and press Q 3 times in order to cancel the animation.

I will include a map with hiding spots near the entrance that I like to use, my favorite one is the manager office and the most efficient one (marked red).

Click to enlarge…


Doing everything mentioned above carefully will help a lot while doing the apocalypse challenge. It might take you a few tries, no one ever finished it in the first try. With some luck everyone can do it.

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  1. guess i’m a lucky bastard too 3 easy side objectives and revenant nested in the end of male Wing..

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