Phasmophobia – Map Location on How to Find Ghost Quickly


The main part of equipment is Salt. With it we can know where the ghost stepped on the salt. If he stepped – it means that he is near(Advisible to have an ultraviolet flashlight to watch the ghost steps. The steps do not last long)

On large maps, the sound sensor is the best item. With it you can determine on which side of the map the ghost is located(Depends on the installation of the sensor)

Tanglewood Street House

Tanglewood Street House – is a small and easy map.

I always start with the Salt, spinkle salt all over the house and go for the next equipment.

Until I come back, the ghost must have opened the doors, and need to check the prints with an UVflashlight. If ghost stepped on the Salt, it means he is near. GL with a catch.

Ridgeview Road House

Ridgeview Road House – harder map.

I marked the points of setting the salt, and places to hide.It is difficult to find a ghost in this house, because he most often appears in the hallways, so that a video camera or thermometer will not work well.

Sometimes he is in front of the entrance, or on the second floor in the hallway. Here you need to learn how to place video cameras correctly in order to notice the ghostly lights. But if you want, I can show you how it do.

Edgefield Street House

Edgefield Street House – i don’t wanna to comment this map…

Grafton Farmhouse

Grafton Farmhouse – scary place…

I focus on the salt, pour on the indicated points and see where the ghost stepped

(It is advisable to have an UVflashlight, and if the ghost leaves traces of salt, you can understand where it comes from)

P.S. I strongly advise against hiding in dangerous places.

Bleasdale Farmhouse

Bleasdale Farmhouse – another farmhouse.

I have indicated too many dangerous places in this map, which i checking by myself.

Willow Street House

Willow Street House – new map.

The mixed points with white and yellow colours are balanced. In other words, if the ghost cannot find you from 1-3 time, the ghost will look differently and deeper, if not strange.

Brownstone High School

Brownstone High School – looks like a large, but it is medium.

This time, salt becomes less useful.

Instead of salt, I use the Sound Sensor (Marked on the map).

Here the sensors are installed on the first floor, but you can use the alternative version on which they are installed on the first and second floors.

An alternative version with 2 sensors per floor.


First of all, I take two sound sensors and a flashlight. Then I install as desired as on the map.

While I was installing the sensors, I heard calls from the phone from far away, and the opening of doors.

After installing all 4 sensors – I look at the sound monitor and check where the sound was.

I take an UVflashlight (and salt, or a radio) and go where the sound was. Then when I got there I saw – an open door, and there were prints on it.

I sprinkled salt on each door next to it (It is important to know that the ghost cannot go to more than 3 rooms).

With an ultra-flashlight, you can see where the ghost is heading, and over time you understand the limitation / distance of the ghost’s movement. GL with catch;).

If you play solo, the Sound Sensor will be an excellent choice, because the Sound Sensor reacts to your sounds, and if you play with a team, the Sound Sensor will interfere with your team steps. (Or the whole team can wait in the truck until the sound sensor shows results! But your team is unlikely to agree to wait).


At school, creaking will be heard everywhere, which will make you confused about the whereabouts of the ghost. Also, the sounds of the door can deceive you, in other words, if you are on the left side and you hear the door opening – this may have happened on the right side of the map. But if the sound of the door is close, then it is really close. The solution to this problem is to have good hearing.

Lifehack – If the ghost is in the toilet, then you will clearly hear two doors open for about 15 seconds; focus on ajar doors – it’s easier to find out


A directional microphone is a difficult thing, and even inconvenient, confuses due to the player’s steps;

Close doors behind you to avoid confusion between yourself and your team. If you find a ghost, leave the door open;

Ouija board are found in the toilets;

Turn on the lights only in the corridors;

If you find a ghost room, and you are not sure if it is exactly – use salt at the entrance and in the nearest office;

Places to Hide and Seek

You can hide in the bathrooms, in stalls (if the ghost is not there), or in the library, or as shown on the map. But if you are far from the ghost’s room, then you don’t even have to hide.

If you do not have time to find / run to the place, you can hide behind the door.


Prison – big, scary and easy map.

First of all, take the Flashlight, 2 Sound Sensors.

Put the first sensor in Block A, the second in Block B. The last two are optional, but I would put it in the middle of the map, or in the library.

The last is optional, you can place it in the second floor.


Let’s say the ghost is in block B, and steam is coming from the mouth. The entire first floor will have a minus temperature, and the second will NOT;

You will have to suffer with the search for the Ghostly Fire in blocks (A or B).

Ouija Board

The board appears with a certain chance of ~ 33%. If you manage to find – ask about the place of the ghost, this is important.

Please note that the ghost can respond to the nearest location. More specifically, he can answer that he is in the Kitchen, and next to the kitchen is the Garage – and the Garage is the true location. The exact location usually answers, but be careful!


Be sure to listen to sounds coming from your home.

Usually, when entering the house, you can hear the ghost opening the door, or dropping something, or maybe walking. This explains a lot.

There are times when the ghost can be immediately found at the beginning of the game, because it drops in front of your eyes or walks beside you.

But there are cases that the ghost can be far away. Be careful!

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