Phasmophobia – The Ultimate Voodoo Doll Guide

An in depth tutorial on what the Voodoo doll it, how to use it, and what all the pins mean.

Definitive Guide to Voodoo Doll


You’ve found yourself with a doll with a bunch of needles in it. “The ghost is probably a grandma that likes to knit or something.” you say. You push some of the pins in because you thought it was fun as a kid. You keep going until you push the pin in the heart in. Suddenly, your flashlight starts flickering and the ghost is about to come and slap your booty!

What Is the Voodoo Doll?

  • The Voodoo Doll is apart of the six cursed possessions you can find in any contract.
  • The Doll has a 1/6 chance (or a %16.6~7) to spawn in your contract.
  • The Doll has a chance to spawn in every map
  • You can press right click (or other if you changed it) to push one of 10 pins in. Depending on where the pin is pushed on the body will have a different effect.
  • Since it is a cursed possession, take a picture of it for some extra cash.
  • You can take the Doll outside of the investigation are, but it will be unusable.

What Do the Pins Mean?

Anywhere but the heart.

Pushing a pin into the head, body, legs, or arms will drain the users sanity by %5 and cause the ghost to interact with something. This could be:

  • Going through D.O.T.S.
  • Writing in the book.
  • Throwing or moving an object.
  • Touching a door, light switch or a window to give you fingerprint evidence.

The heart

Pushing the heart pin in will cause the user to lose %10 sanity, and will cause the ghost to start a Cursed Hunt. Cursed hunts last for 20 seconds longer than normal hunts and only give you 1 second before the ghost starts to hunt you unlike the 5 seconds it gives you in normal hunts.

Notes, Tips, and Tricks

  • If your sanity reaches %0 and you continue to use the Doll, all pins will be pushed and it will start a Cursed Hunt, even if the heart had been pushed previously.
  • It is best to save the Doll until you have found the ghost room as the ghost will most of the time only interact with things in that room.


Even though this was a shorter guide from me, it should have given you enough knowledge to know how to strategically use it to get evidence or just help you out with it in general.

Written by keatsheimy

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