Phasmophobia – Useful Tips for New Players

This is the ultimate beginners guide for Phasmophobia created by a over level 5,000 pro player.

Beginners Tips

Section One – Game Basics & Basic Knowledge

Every player when they download a new game has no idea how to play, Lets get into the basics of Phasmophobia so you can quickly become the best possible ghost hunter.

Basic Knowledge

No doubt that Sanity is the most important feature in Phasmophobia, it controls core game-play, Your sanity can be lowered either from the ghost or just passively in the darkness.

When playing Phasmophobia ones sanity can drop from the ghost interacting with the player by doing one or multiple of the following.

  • Doing a Ghost event.
  • Using an ability.
  • Interacting with Objects

The ghost is controlled by the games AI (Artificial Intelligence) and its goal is to try and prevent you from finding out the type of ghost it is acting as, The ghosts can act as any type of ghost randomly upon entering the game.

Interacting with Objects

A player is able to interact with any object weather that be a light, items, doors, or any type of hold-able object using the LMB (Left Mouse Button), Players can also place objects on surfaces that permit it, surfaces that permit placements are shown by a outline of the object that you are holding, These items can be placed using the F key on your keyboard.

Ghost Hunts

When a ghost hunts, signalised by any types of noises, the ghost randomly appearing and chasing you, your flashlight flashing fast, Those are the signs that the ghost is initialling a hunt, and the goal is to kill the player, this means that you need to hide in a intended hiding spot, such as, in lockers, closets, or behind boxes and shelves. Be careful, some hiding spots may be obstructed from hiding or completely removed.

At any time while a player is under 50% sanity (for most ghosts, read section two for ghost information) a ghost can start a hunt from the ghost room, when a ghost hunts it is significantly important that you and your team remain silent and turn off any type of equipment you may be holding until the hunt has concluded otherwise the ghost will hear you and find you.

During ghost hunts it is important to break line of sight from the ghost before hiding otherwise the ghost will follow you into your hiding spot and find you, Continuously running away from the ghost will not assist you in getting away or often imitating actions known as “Looping the Ghost” will not work, since all ghosts (excluding the Hantu) will speed up to the point that it will outrun you if the ghost has continuous line of sight of a player.

Cursed Possessions

At any time if using a cursed possession and a player reaches 0% sanity the cursed possession will break causing a cursed hunt (refer to section three for cursed possessions).

  • A Cursed hunt is similar to a normal ghost hunt but a few things change.
  • Ghost hunt will now be 90 seconds instead of 60 seconds.
  • Ghosts grace period will now be 1 second long instead of 5 seconds.
  • A ghosts grace period will be the length of how long the ghost stands still before chasing a player.
  • Ghosts will now have a 3 second peace period instead of 60 seconds.
  • A ghosts peace period will be the length of how long the ghost is able to initialise a hunt after concluding one.

Section Two – Ghosts & Abilities

So we all want to know what the game offers in the field of content when we first download or we have just forgotten, as i seem to do now and then even as a pro player, we all still need reminders.

Lists of Ghosts

This is the full list of all the ghosts currently implemented within the game.


The Spirit is a generally passive ghost, Its not as aggressive as all of the other ghosts, You can think this ghost as a friendly ghost, But if your sanity gets to low it will hunt.

  • Strength: This Ghost does not have a notable strength.
  • Weakness: Smudging the area near a Spirit will temporarily stop it from hunting for 180 seconds.


The Banshee is a strange ghost that will only target one player at a time and will aim to kill that player only.

  • Strength: Will focus on one player, especially those who attempt to confront the Banshee alone.
  • Weakness: Placing a crucifix near a banshee will cause it to be less aggressive.


The Demon will attack a player at anytime and will begin chain hunting the player, this will also happen occasionally if not provoked.

  • Strength: They can be difficult to gather clues on as they will attack players very frequently.
  • Weakness: Unlike other ghosts, asking a Demon a successful question via the Ouija Board will not lower players’ sanity. This makes the Ouija Board a very useful tool against Demons.


The Goryo is generally a passive ghost like the Spirit, These ghosts are know not to roam as much as any other ghosts.

  • Strength: It is rarely seen and only projects itself on camera when no one is around.
  • Weakness: It seldom leaves the location where it died.


The Hantu is a ghost that prefers colder climates, which means they are known to attack when it becomes colder. You can increase a home’s temperature by having the power turned on. While it’s warm, a Hantu moves much slower.

  • Strengths: When it’s colder, the Hantu can move much more quickly.
  • Weakness: While the temperature is warm, a Hantu moves slower, making it easier to escape.


A Jinn is a very territorial ghost, Invading an area around the ghost will make the Jinn launch an attack. This ghost is very fast when it attempts to get close, Turning off the power will negate the ability of the Jinn causing it to be slower and easier to escape.

  • Strength: When a player is farther away, the Jinn is faster.
  • Weakness: Turning off a location’s power source will stop the Jinn from using its ability.


The Mare likes to lurk in the dark, encasing itself in darkness waiting to steal the sole of a unsuspecting person, The Mare desperately attempts to encase itself making light your best defence against a mare, turn on some lights in the room will prevent a mare from hunting.

  • Strength: The dark will increase its odds of attacking.
  • Weakness: Any type of light.


A Myling is a noisy spirit, consistently making noise while you’re wandering around the house. However, the noises it makes are to its disadvantage, making it easier to find. But when it’s no longer making noise, that means it’s hunting players, and you’ll want to remain on your toes when this happens.

  • Strength: A Myling’s footsteps will be quiet while hunting.
  • Weakness: It is consistently making noises while you are in the house.


An Obake is a mysterious ghost that is known for taking the shape of human like creatures causing it to leave behind a six finger special type of evidence.

  • Strength: An Obake will sometimes not show fingerprints when touching items.
  • Weakness: An Obake will sometimes give itself away by leaving six fingered fingerprints.


This is a pretty strong entity that will become even more active and aggressive when a player is near it.

  • Strength: Active when players are nearby and can move objects very quickly.
  • Weakness: If more players are active, it will be easier to find this entity.


The Onryo is one of the only ghosts that have a deep fear of fire, bringing more then one fire source into the ghost room will prevent an Onryo from attacking.

  • Strength: This ghost is extremely hard to find.
  • Weakness: If more then one fire source is present within the ghost room it will prevent the Onryo from attacking.


This ghost is pretty terrifying, to be honest. It can possess the living and is commonly summoned by an Ouija board. You don’t want to look directly at it; instead, use a camera to take a picture of it.

  • Strength: Looking at the Phantom will deplete your sanity.
  • Weakness: Taking a picture will cause it to disappear.


A very mischievous ghost will throw objects and cause some chaos. If it follows you into an empty room, however, it is much more manageable.

  • Strength: Can throw many objects at once.
  • Weakness: Any empty rooms.


The Raiju is an electrical spirit that siphons energy from electrical devices. Its greatest strength is that it can use electricity to increase its speed. However, you’ll be able to quickly identify it based on how much it disrupts electrical equipment used by your ghost investigation team.

  • Strength: Siphons electrical energy to increase its speed.
  • Weakness: Disrupts electrical equipment when standing nearby.


If this ghost sets its sights on you, you better be ready to run. It is slow-moving at first, but it will quickly gain speed as it hunts its target.

  • Strength: Faster when hunting a victim.
  • Weakness: If you hide, it will move much slower.


This ghost prefers to go after players who are alone, so you will want to make sure to move in a pack to counter it.

  • Strength: It is shy, which makes it hard to find.
  • Weakness: With the presence of several players, a Shade won’t enter Hunting mode.

The Twins

The Twins are a pair of ghosts working together. The greatest weakness they have is that they interact with objects at the same time. However, their strength is that they can attack at different times, so while one of the ghosts might be angered and fighting, the other might be calm, waiting for the right moment to strike.

  • Strength: They can attack at different times.
  • Weakness: They can interact with the environment simultaneously.


These buggers can fly and go through solid walls, meaning they are challenging to track. Also, they don’t like salt, so keep that in hand.

  • Strength: Cannot be tracked with footsteps.
  • Weakness: A Wraith reacts badly to salt.


The Yokai are drawn to human voices, making them frequent visitors of homes with plenty of people in them. If you’re attempting to investigate a house with this ghost inside it, talking more draws it close to you and your party. When it’s close to you and hears voices, it becomes angry, increasing the chances of it attacking members of your ghost hunting crew.

  • Strength: When a human voice is heard next to it, a Yokai becomes angry, increasing the chances of attacking.
  • Weakness: While a Yokai is hunting, it can only hear voices near it, allowing other players from across the house to talk freely.

Section Three – Cursed Possessions

What are Cursed Possessions?

Cursed Possessions are a group of six items that randomly spawn in once the game is started, the items are able to assist you in your ghost hunting adventures and make it easier for you and also the ghost.

The possible Cursed Possessions are the following.

  • Cursed Mirror
  • Voodoo Doll
  • Music Box
  • Summoning Circle
  • Tarot Cards
  • Ouija Board

What can Cursed Possessions do?

Cursed Mirror: The cursed mirror can show you the ghosts favourite room not where the ghost actually is, Looking into the realm of the dead will drastically lower your sanity, If you reach 0% sanity the mirror will break starting a cursed attack.

Voodoo Doll: The Voodoo Doll is a doll that is possessed by the ghost, pushing pins cause the ghost to interact with objects around it, pressing the heart pin will cause the ghost to start a cursed attack. Interacting with the Voodoo Doll will lower your sanity.

Music Box: The Music Box is this creepy box that carries a spooky tune that the ghost sings along too, activating it in your hand near the ghost will cause it to sing, getting to close will cause the ghost to walk towards the box, once reaching the box or walking for 5 seconds will cause the ghost to start a cursed attack, the music box constantly drains the players sanity as long as they can hear the music.

Summoning Circle: The Summoning Circle is a circle made of blood and surrounded by candles normally found in basements or attics, lighting all candles will cause the ghost to appear and start a cursed attack on all players within the home. Lighting candles will cause the player to drop sanity.

Tarot Cards: The Tarot Cards are these mystical cards that make the ghost do different things according to the card. Pulling a Death card will cause the ghost to start a cursed hunt, pulling a Hanged Man card will cause the player to spontaneously combust.

Ouija Board: The Ouija Board is a board that links the spiritual world with the mortal world, making it easier for ghosts to communicate with people easier, using the board at 0% sanity or walking away without saying “goodbye” will cause it to spontaneously combust into flames causing a cursed attack on the home.

Written by MayhemStudios

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