Pineview Drive – Cuddly Toy Achievement

You really don’t know what else you can do to get this annoying achievement? Just follow these steps!


The game might be too old, but I’m sure there will still be people who play Pineview Drive and may be struggling to get this achievement as I was, so just follow the next few steps to get it!

Things to Know

Not only the cat triggers the Cuddly Toy achievement, but mice, the dog and the crows.

There is a HIGH CHANCE that in Day 9 the cat will be behind the living room door said in this guide.

I highly recommend you to always light every candle and change flashlight batteries before encounting every animal on this guide.


  • In Day 8, before the power goes out go to the clown doll hall and light the two candles in it (first in the hall, latter in the side of the TV room). After that, simply wait in the hunting room until the power goes out.
  • When the power goes out, enter in the clown doll hall and walks towards the cat. WAIT! Be careful when you approach the cat, you’ll have to move fowards step by step and don’t touch your mouse. Wait one second between steps to make sure. When the cat screams, stand still until you see it’s safe to move. If you lose a small percent of your scare gauge (the character will startle), you’ll have to restart the Day.
  • Grab the key and go to the living room in the first floor (right above the hunting room). The key will open the door to the bathroom/stairs hall. Light every candle in this hall, just in case. Go to the end of the hall, open the last door and grab the key. Go back to the bathroom and WAIT! You can’t be scared of the mice too. Stand still in the right side of the door, don’t touch your mouse and wait a second until your flashlight estabilizes, then open the door. Don’t move. If your scare gauge didn’t lost any percent, then you’re fine. If your scare gauge lost any percent, you’ll have to restart the Day.
  • Grab the key and go up two floors to the bedrooms hall. The key open the first bedroom door in left. Finish the day.
  • In Day 9, walk around until nightfall. After that, go to the TV room and do what you have to do (you can try don’t get scared in this part as I do, but I don’t think this influence in the achievement). Grab the key.
  • Instead of going to the bedrooms hall, go to the first floor, last door. This will lead you to the balcony hall (the mini hall above the main entrance). Enter the only door, this will lead you to another hall. Choose the right hall, which will lead you towards the only door, another living room. Light every candle in this hall just in case. WAIT! The cat may be behind this door and you can’t get scared. As in the mice strategy, stand still in the left side of the door this time, don’t touch your mouse and wait until your flashlight estabilizes, then open the door. Don’t move. If the cat is behind this door, it will scream and you won’t lose any percent of your scare gauge. If you lose, or if the cat wasn’t behind the door, you’ll have to restart the Day.
  • You can restart the Day 9 as much as you want, as long as you did Day 8 properly as was said in this guide!
  • Simply go to the bedrooms hall, do what you have to do (open first door in the right, the last door in the left and the left door in the right) and finish the day.
  • Close your game and check if you got the achievement. If so, then congratulations! If not, try again all the steps in this guide, I’m sure it will work if did properly.
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