Pirate101 – Best Gear for Lvl 65-70 Shooty / Stabby Pirate

Useful Tips for Best Gear for Lvl 65-70

Alright so shooty stabby/pure melee play largely the same till level 70.

Make sure you go do moo manchu a few times to pick up some gear. Likewise dropping by the bazaar to pick up either vicious charge gear/revive gear (Heal) would also help.

At this point in the game I would recommend atleast getting one valor’s fortress. You are going to be entering va2 soon (If you haven’t already) and they have super assassin strikes alongside being able to chain. You can look up a variety of gear that gives valor’s fortress and then grind for one of those pieces.

Im sorry to say but at this point in the game, you are going to face a lot of gear problem. (Assuming you are starting from stat gear). Va2, Sinbad 1-3, and Tartarus start spiking with bloated stats, epics, and eventually get more than 1 copy of powers.

At level 70 (When you are done with va2) you go through sinbad part 1-3 and tartarus. Some of the following gear for hybrid are:

Sinbad Part 1:

  • Kraken’s Breath (Shooty/slashy)
  • Grants Espirit
  • Drops from Albano

Sinbad Part 2:

  • Sinbad’s Schimitar and Shooter (Shooty/Slashy)
  • Grants Sinbad’s Fury (Invunerability to nearby melee allies + gives them bleeding strike epics for 3 turns)
  • Dropped by Tetsukado/Kharonchi Khan
  • Sinbad’s Gold Ring (Ring)
  • Grants Valour’s Fortress + Hold the line
  • Dropped by any enemy in the tower.
  • Sinbad’s Dashing Stripes (Eyepatch)
  • Grants Vicious Charge
  • Dropped by any enemy in the tower.

Sinbad Part 3:

  • Sewer King’s Hat (Hat)
  • Grants Valour’s Fortress + Lots of defensive stats
  • Dropped by Klaw, Mastermind, and Bran
  • Lords of Trash Boots (Boots)
  • Grant’s Bladestorm + variety of stats
  • Dropped by Klaw
  • Sewer King Boots (Boots)
  • Grants Triton’s Chorus + defensive stats
  • Dropped by Klaw
  • Arms of the Improver (Shooty/Stabby)
  • Grants Cloak and Dagger (Backstab and Walk in darkness rolled into one)
  • Dropped by Bran.


  • Cereberus Collar (Amulet)
  • Grants Mojo Rising, Double Tap, and Followthrough (Big hybrid piece)
  • Dropped by the Beast
  • Hermes Underworld Boots (Boots)
  • Grants Sneaky Sneaky 1 + Lots of good stats
  • Dropped by General Arganon

Thank you for your time and I hope this little tutorial was helpful to you.

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