Pirates Of Pangea — Land & Sea Survival – Basic Guide with Quests

This guide establishes the basic gameplay, keybinds and simple mechanics that you may encounter.

Guide to Basics and Quests

Basic Keybinds

  • V – Attack or Harvest target (to auto attack, double click target).
  • I – Inventory.
  • F – Pickup item (or simply click the item to pick up).
  • E – Interact with item (or simply click the item to interact with).
  • Q – Quests.
  • C – Crafting.

Detailed keybinds found under ESC -> Settings in game.

Basic Mechanics

Health and Energy:

  • Energy and Health will regenerate when near a campfire.
  • Press C to craft a campfire.

Certain foods like cooked fish will regenerate your energy.

Placing an Item:

  • Click the item in your inventory and click “Use”. Place the item at the desired spot by moving the mouse to the location. Click “Place”.

Basic Cooking:

  • To Cook at a campfire, click to open the contents of the campfire and add raw meat.
  • Add sticks for fuel.

To make drinking water, place a barrel in the shallow water near the shore. It will slowly filter and collect salt water. Take the salt water from the barrel and cook it in a campfire for clean potable water.

Basic Combat:

  • Equip the weapon.
  • Walk up to the enemy and press V or double click the enemy to auto attack.

Certain weapons (like swords) have parry or backstab bonuses. Parry bonuses will trigger when taking a hit while not attacking. On a successful parry, a short buff will appear that will increase your damage and heal you.

Certain enemies are susceptible to ambush attacks.

To ambush an enemy, approach the enemy from behind while crouched or crawled and attack when in range.

Damage Types:

There are five main damage types:

  • Physical, Poison, Bio, Fire and Frost.

Basic Sailing and Ship Combat


  • Sailing is fairly simple in this game.
  • Craft a ship in a bottle, boat or a raft and place it in the water by the shore.
  • Placing them too close to the shore can get them stuck. Place them a bit further away from the shore. You can also place them in front of docks (if any on the island)
  • Double click the boat to mount it and use W,A,S,D keys to steer.
  • Use Num Lock for auto move.
  • Press X to dismount from the boat.

Certain sailing speed buffs can be obtain from nearby Wind effects (if any) or coming in contact with Mermaids. Keep an eye out for them while sailing!

Attacking from a boat or a ship using a melee weapon:

  • To attack a creature, for example a shark, dismount the boat and attack using a melee weapon like a spear.

Firing a cannon from a ship or boat:

  • To attack from a ship with cannons, you will need cannonballs in your inventory and “Fire Cannon” skill on your hotbar. You will need energy to fire cannon, so keep energy food like fish or similar handy. While mounted, steer your ship with cannons in the direction of the enemy and use the Fire Cannon skill to fire.

Repairing a ship:

  • Use the Repair Ship skill while mounted to repair your ship. You can repair an ally ship by targeting another ship while mounted. You will need Repair Kits in your inventory. Repair Kits can be crafted.

Basic Questing

You can find quests from “Message in a Bottle” found on Islands. Crucial details needed to finishing the quests will be outlined in the quest details. It is important to read the quest text for clues and hints pertaining to quests.

When a Message in a Bottle has a quest, an exclamation mark will show up. Click the bottle to pick up the quest. Press Q for quest details to access the quest details later.

Quests will lead to newer quests with increasing difficulties.

Basic Treasure Hunting

  • You can find treasure chests washed ashore during storms or strong winds.
  • You can also find treasure caches from shipwrecks or from sinking pirate or smuggler ships.
  • Picking up flotsams can give map fragments that lead to great treasures when combined together in a cartography table. Map fragments can also be obtained from treasure caches.

To open treasure chests, you may need skeleton keys. Skeleton keys can be crafted.

Treasure caches can be opened by breaking it open with a melee weapon.

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