PISTOLA – How to Survive (Early Game)

Im going to tell you easiest way of surviving early to mid game.

Guide to Survive During Early Game

First Upgrades

As for the first upgrade you realy want that spicy cooldown, if you are able buy at least 2 of them.

Second upgrade is going to be pierce. 1 level of pierce is doubling your DPS, 1 is good enough.

If you are lucky you can get both of them in first merchant. Chose one of thos upgrades or both if you can and go on.

Second Merchant

For the second merchant you encounter take another CD.

And pierce.

If non of present upgrades are there you can also take multishot.

Dont get confused by it, it does not increase your bullet count but it spawns projectile that are ghost version of yours when enemy is killed by your bullet. Every level increases number of those projectiles by 1.

Third Merchant

From not you want to get at least one movement speed upgrade.

It helps with squeezing through enemies for coins or you can take

Magnet for better coing pickup range.

Both of those upgrades are good, but magnet is better for safety, for now.

Also its good moment to get 2 or 3 dmg upgrades.

Fourth and Further Merchants

You want to focus on taking more CD to shoot faster.

Pierce, for more clear.

Or if you dont get pierce take Multishot. Its worse than pierce but it still increases your clear speed.

And of course pure damage, cause in order to survive you have to kill enemies quickly.

For further merchants just take those upgrades in order like this:

  • CD/DMG > pierce > CD/DMG > multishot

And you should be fine.

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