Pixel Puzzles 2: Anime – Speed Running Tips

This game can be quite difficult at first and very time consuming even if you get used to the controls. The following is what I use to use the game to do the sorting for you and help you complete the puzzle much faster then traditional playing.

Tips to Speedrun


  • This method pre sorts the pieces and makes it so you dont have to search for pieces. If you want to actually play the game dont do this.
  • This method if for those who just want the achievements done quick and not the experience.

Note: This method will work on any puzzle in the game!


  • If a puzzle piece is in the correct orientation and in the correct spot it will auto lock.
  • Click every piece (Left Click) and drop it in the bottom right most corner of the board.
  • If you clear all the pieces near the bottom right corner you can press “S” to shuffle the pieces on the outside.
    • Note: Pieces placed on the board will not be shuffled.
  • This will bring more pieces closer to the drop spot and make your job easier.
  • Once all the pieces are stacked click the pile.
  • What this does is grabs the top left most piece in the pile.
  • Rotate (Hold left click + Right Click) and place starting top left moving right and then to the next row.
  • If you dont get the next piece drop it back in the pile and try again.
  • If you still get a piece thats not next set it to the left of the pile and grab again, use the piece when it comes up or you see where it goes.

I hope these tips help you and happy achievement hunting.

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