Pixelscape: Oceans – Guide to Save Files and Others

After trying to figure out where the save progress files are and how to experiment with them, I finally decided to make a guide in case anybody else would find this useful.

I found it very confusing myself before and since support for this game has ended Im guessing the dev would not add anything so I decided to do what I can. I will explain what the different files in the game folder are for, at least as much as I could figure out.

Files Explanatory Guide


All the files are in the main game path folder.

There are:

  • pixelscape_Oceans.exe = main game executable.
  • menuscape.arr = thats the way the menu background arrangement will look when you launch the game.
  • Leveltest_01.jpg … _02.jpg and so on = they are the thumbnail used during level selection.

In the Settings folder:

  • ObjectArray.arr = controls the position of the objects in your levels during creator mode. (basically the progress savefiles).
  • NameArray.arr = I couldnt figure this one out.
  • options.ini = set game settings and options saves in this file most likely.
  • achievements = assume this stands for the unlocked steam achievement progress.

CustomPixelscapes folder:

Here is where your populated creations\savefiles go. Once you create a map with at least 100 items(thats the requirement from the game) then you can populate it in the populator and export it. It will then create an “.arr” file in this folder. This is your finished savefile.

Also: you can change the menu screen to one of your own created pixelscapes by exchanging the “menuscape.arr” file in the main game path folder with the “.arr” savefile from the CustomPixelscapes folder.

Note that sometimes it can be glitchy and doesnt update right away or the next time you launch it properly. Just try relaunching it and it will work eventually!

Hope it could help somebody.

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