Pizza Tower – Useful Tips and Tricks

Some useful things i found, mainly for P ranking stuff. It aint much, but no one did a guide about this things yet so here i am.

Tips and Tricks

All credit goes to Pups!

How to get the fasts in normal levels

Fast in levels:

  • X+Down+Shift.
  • Instant mach 3 (Or 4 idk how the machs work exactly).
  • Just grab, slide and get running, if you slide in ledges you can start running faster.

The other trick for the fasts is for P rank

If you ignore the pizza grannies and just speed trough the tutorial, you will unlock every lap 2 portal form the start, without needing to replay the level first, useful after beating the game once.

How to get the fasts in bosses


When he does a shoulder bash, if you groundpound in one of the walls, you will hit him before he hits you, its not only good for kicking his butt faster, but also to dodge a small attack


Even tho its kinda obvious, charge the big bullet while he does a big attack or gets stunned after getting one hit point, the perfect time for it is like half a second before he gets back up and slides to the other side of the ring+ sometimes, you end up shooting two big bullets instead of one, taking one hit instantly, so good luck


Remember the instant trick for a mach 3? Well, you can use it in the begining of his fight to get a free insant hit.

Thats kinda it for Noise, the other thing you could do is using the lil Noisies and throw em at him, but i bet everyone knows about that already lol

Epic mysterious boss 4 spoiler watch out!

Snic – I mean Fake Peppino

You can always grab him to stun him and get a hit, except when he has red lights, like the demons in golf, that means you can hit him while he’s starting his mach run around the whole arena or when he is in the ground charging a super jump.

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