Placid Plastic Duck Simulator – Duck Addiction DLC Achievements

This guide will cover the three new achievements added in the February 20 update. These achievements are all associated with the new paid DLC called Duck Addiction. Time to reclaim your 100%!


We’ve once again been blessed with a Placid Plastic Duck Simulator update. Sadly, this means anyone who 100%’d the previous version must now obtain three new achievements. These achievements are not all just the typical AFK-and-wait-for-certain-events formula. That’s right, some actually require you to click stuff!

For this guide, I will use the winter location from the Quacking the Ice DLC. This, however, is not required for these three achievements, as the default pool works just as well.

In case you haven’t already, be sure to start a new save file (yes, there are several files now) and get the new ducks, preferably on the Quacking the Ice map to follow this specific guide.

Sailin’ On

“So I’m sailing, yeah, I’m sailing on”

This one, like most achievements in the past, does in fact happen without much user input. All you must do is wait for the robotic, toy-like duck to appear. It will frequently drop tiny ducks that explode after a while, like this:

What you want next is to make sure the ship-in-a-bottle duck is also in the pool. The goal of the achievement is to free the tiny ship inside of the glass duck. This is done when one of the bomb ducks explodes near the glass duck, sending the ship on its own in the pool.

Congrats, you got the “Sailin’ on” achievement!

Paranormal Activity

“What does a scanner see?”

The achievement’s description pretty much gives away the objective. The “scanner” here is from the new cyborg duck with the purple visor. You must click on this duck to select it. Instead of merely switching the camera view to above the selected duck, this cyborg duck allows you to see through its visor, with sci-fi effects. The second duck you’ll need is the new ghost duck, which cannot be seen by the naked eye. See where I’m going here? You need to see through the visor in order to actually see the ghost duck. In particular, you need the ghost duck to pass directly in front of the cyborg duck’s view to “scan” it. You will know when a duck is scanned by the purple outline and “Target acquired” message at the bottom right. Sit in the cyborg’s view and wait for the ghost to be scanned, and you get the achievement.

Congratulations! There’s only one achievement left!

Hide and Seek

“I’m the keeper of the secret art”

This one is probably the toughest of them all, and it requires the most input. You will need the new ninja duck, whose ability is substitution jutsu. It will occasionally disappear and leave behind a log, and during this time, you will quickly need to find it before it returns to the pool. There are several spots you must find it in on either map. Here, I’ll use the winter map. Remember, once you find the ninja duck’s hiding spot, you will need to click it and stay with camera selected on the ninja until it reappears into the pool.

Here are the spots you’ll need to find the ninja duck hiding at:

Atop the fireplace inside of the cabin.

Atop the snowman near the slide.

Away from the pool, sitting on a mound of snow by a sign.

Inside of the small table within the cabin.

In the birch tree where the ice cube falls from. Barely got this screenshot lol

Please note that these are only for the winter map, and the locations for Infinity Cool are different. Also, the order of these hiding spots may vary from person to person, so you may need to check several spots each time the ninja vanishes. Additionally, several ninjas can be on the map at once, but I believe their progress is independent, as one spawned at a hiding spot I already found with the other. Because these achievements are new, not much is known about them and there may be more possible spots than the five I showed.

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