Planet Fights – Citizen Guide

Each player in Planet Fights is a citizen competing with other citizens for fame and great rewards.

Guide to Citizens

Citizen Character

At the start of the game, after registration, on playing the game you will have the option to select from a list of characters. Choose as you see fit, each of them gives different stats you start the game with. It only affects the start so you can increase all the stats later in the game whatever the character you selected. You can also change your character to another one later if you want, only that stats would not change.

Citizen Home

A player home have available a number of home upgrades that improves the home by giving extra number of pets and increasing player fame. It also changes the home image to a more liked one by the owner which makes the player feel more comfortable with the new look on they’re profile. Buying a home upgrade costs money and/or gold. Some of the home upgrades may be available to buy only for PRO membership members.

Citizen Fame

Each citizen earns fame by doing certain actions in the game. The higher the fame for the player the better his rank will be in leaderboards and will have more recognition from the rest of the fellow citizens.

  • Activities that Earns you Fame.
  • Fight in any of the Fight Types and Race.
  • Winning top 3 any side in a agent fights season.
  • Winning top 7 any side in a battlefield.
  • Winning in elections.
  • Buy items from shop.
  • Collect money from owned properties.

Citizen Strength

A citizen can increase his stats by training daily at the Workout Area and School.

The strength of a citizen is a sum of his abilities: S = Power+Agility+Endurance+Inteligence

In international battlefields the damage done by a citizen on each hit is: DAMAGE_DONE = 10 × (1 + S/500) × (1 + R/5) where S is strength and R is the level of the citizen.

Strength also counts when you fight in Special Agent Fights but has a different formula for calculating the win chance. For agent fights the secret is to have the abilities balanced for a higher win chance.

Citizen Energy

  • Energy is required to perform certain actions inside the game. Energy restore has greater restore for new players than older ones to give new players a chance to catch up with older ones. You can also restore your energy by buying Energy Boosters.
  • Energy bar is set to max points at the start of a new day.
  • The max points of energy bar for normal citizens are 250, while for PRO citizens are 500.
  • Player energy is restored 30 points for normal citizens and 60 points for PRO citizens every 10 minutes up to lvl 30.
  • Player energy is restored 20 points for normal citizens and 40 points for PRO citizens every 10 minutes from lvl 30 up to lvl 50.
  • Player energy is restored 10 points for normal citizens and 20 points for PRO citizens every 10 minutes from lvl 50 up.

Citizen Health

Health is used up for certain actions inside the game. The wellness center allows you to recover your health by the treatment action you choose. It takes time for your health to raise up after starting a treatment. You can always interrupt a treatment if you no longer want it as you may want to do another action in that time. Health bar is also set automatically to max points at the start of a new day. Getting your health up allow you to do more actions in the game as some actions use up health from your health bar. The max points of health bar for normal citizens are 250, while for PRO membership citizens are 500.

Citizenship Country

Each citizen start the game to a random country. You can always change citizenship country to another country from Citizen Profile->Country section to the left.

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