Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2: Deluxe Edition – How to Redeem Deluxe Edition Content

How to claim the deluxe edition rewards.

Guide to Redeem Deluxe Edition Content


Some people have been having trouble redeeming the exclusive deluxe edition content (If you don’t know what this is the Steam edition is called the deluxe edition and includes some exclusive content).

The redemption process is actually very simple but you are never told what to do.


Note: This step can be skipped if you have completed the game intro.

After starting the game and linking your EA account the game will start with a tutorial that needs to be completed. Personally, I would recommend turning up the aim sensitivity. After killing all the zombies you will find yourself at a closed off area with a circle on the ground, you can leave the circle but i would not advise this because if you are not in the circle when the timer (at the top of the screen) finishes you will die. If you are in the circle after the timer finishes the game will continue and after one final cutscene you will be sent to the lobby.


Now at the lobby head over to the front gate and interact with the mailbox. In a certain massage there is a claim rewards button clicking it will take you to the gifts tab where you can redeem everything.

Note: If the message does not appear you can still redeem the rewards by heading to a sticker vending machine and clicking the gifts button in the bottom right corner this will take you to the same window.

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