Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2: Deluxe Edition – Low Volume Fix Guide

Have you found yourself earraped with random noise after cranking volume to the absolute max just to hear the game sounds? Well no more! With this simple tweak you can have your game loud and clear once again!

How to Fix Low Volume Issue

Go to options and audio

Yeah you be going there and your audio settings probably look like having zombox range and surround audio!

  • Now all it takes is to set your dynamic range to High.
  • And the speaker configuration to Stereo.
  • Now you should notice how volume on its own got much louder.
  • It ain’t perfectly loud but better than what felt like having game at 1% noise.
  • Enjoy!

There’s one more way but it’s not that great

  • If you go to:
    C:\Users\\Documents\Plants vs Zombies GW2\settings
  • There is file PROF_SAVE_profile
  • You can open it, preferably with notepad++ and change value on one of the lines.
GstAudio.Volume 1.00000
  • Although somehow even after setting it to read only changing value above 1 resets it to default.

Unfortunately I’m not sure if it will affect the game with other audio configurations. So unfortunately we can scrap this one because.. If somehow it gets overwritten by game. Then there’s no point fiddling with this.

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