Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2: Deluxe Edition – Time Shard Farming Tips (Infinity Time)

If you need party characters, gnome king achievements, or you just wanna go for high score this is probably what you’re looking for. A few tips for farming shards in infinity time.

Tips to Time Shard Farming

Change Difficulty

Not sure if you can just simply go and change difficulty of your backyard battleground and then go infinity mode, but the following trick worked for me.

Basically, you need to create an ops game (Create Multiplayer Match) at easy difficulty, start the game, spawn in and right after the starting countdown (I think it’s called Round Start) goes to 0, leave the game. Then you can normally go to infinity mode, just make sure you have 5 starts to start at wave 1.

  • When in infinity mode, you can go to pause menu and see your current difficulty. Should be set to Easy if everything was done right. What it changes is that gnomes do less damage (and probably spawn in lesser quantities, not too sure).
  • Another insight is that you can play multiple infinity runs with only having to create just one ops game. Simply speaking, if you created an ops game, went for infinity run and you want to go for another one, you don’t have to create an ops game first.

Spam Primary

This must’ve been noticed before, but I discovered it myself – your dps increases significantly if you start spamming your primary instead of holding it. In addition, you can essentialy use your primary longer before it overheates. You should really try this one, the higher dps is most noticable when dealing with tougher enemies like Giga Gnomes, I mean, you just tear them apart, turning them from threat to a nuisance.

Avoid Singularities

This is fairly obvious, but I’ll mention it just in case. Green one is passive, usually messes around a single corner of the map does small damage, red one though constantly chases you. It’s very slow but deadly so keep that in mind. Yellow one doesn’t move but once you get close, it will get you fast. Run away far enough and it freezes again. There’s also blue one, dunno what it does.

My Nemesis/Floatie Wave Strategy

The way I clear objectives is I destroy gardens/tombs with middle ability only (the charged laser thing). After garden/tomb is done, I use a dash to quickly travel to another one and I don’t attack it until the middle ability is recharged, meanwhile defending myself from plants using primary and third ability (spin attack). I try following the same strat for floatie attack waves, it really depends on time stability you have, speaking of which it always replenishes every 5 waves (after gnome king fight), so keep that in mind and don’t be afraid to lose some.


I guess that’s all I have to say. Infinity mode is quite grindy and repetitive, but hopefully these tips can smoothen your experinece. This is my first guide so I’m not sure if you can see my screenshots here. I could’ve certainly gone farther but I had to leave immediately. Eh, next time I guess. Also the amount of shards you see is enough for infinite infinity chest (actually you need 25k shards for it).

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