Platypus Adventures – 100% Full Achievement Guide

In this guide, I will tell you how to get every achievement in Platypus Adventures.

How to Obtain All Achievements


The school of hard knocks

  • Complete the campaign on Hard.

Extreme measures

  • Complete the campaign on Extreme.

Hat trick

  • Complete the campaign while you got the hat on. (It doesn’t matter which diffeculty you picked).


  • Complete the campaign with Challenge Mode.

Study Buddy

  • Open the “Encyclopedia” in the main menu or when you finished the game, it automaticly opens up.

Taking a shortcut

  • At almost every end of the extractor stone, there is zipline you can use with your boomerang to get back in the village.

Pumpkin smasher

  • Left-Click several times to open up a pumpkin.

Bush tucker

  • When you are at a Quandong berry tree (A tree with blue berries), left-click so you knock down a berry.

Forest Area

Pack it up

  • Travel to “Platy’s Home” (You will get there while you progress through the game.) and get the backpack which lies on the ground.

Settle down

  • Use a hammock (Location example, at “Platy’s Home”) or a chair (Location example, on top of the tree house in “Kalamunda Village”.).

Armed and ready

  • While you progress through the game, and activated 1 extractor stone, go back to “Kalamunda Village” and talk to koala.

No hat no play

  • While you progress through the game, and activated 1 extractor stone, go back to “Platy’s Home”, a green hat lies now at the ground by the hammock, equip it by running to it.

Mount up

  • Travel to “Kalamunda Village” and get on the Cassowary (Located near the bridge) by pressing “E”.

Creek walker

  • You will get this achievement while you progress through the forest area.

Fine dining

  • Search the ingredients for kangaroo (2x Quandong Berries, 4x Bush Tomatos, 2x Pumpkin chunks), he is in “Kalamunda Village”.

I’ll take that in red

  • Purchase the redish backpack for 3 pearls in “Kalamunda Village” (Pearls are hidden around the map.).

The secret swimming hole

  • You can find the swimming hole at the end of the zipline (The entrance is in the wall) which leads to the quandong berry tree where Koala gave you the boomerang.

Beach Area

Deep treasure

  • Collect a Pearl from inside a Clam (Location example, at the big waterfall.).

Sea cave

  • The cave is located by the big waterfall. You need to get over the rocks which are sticking out of the water and enter the cave.

Melonball champion

  • Win a match of Melonball (Even if you lose the first time, you can repeat it.).

Ocean defender

  • Purchase the shell armour from Wombat with 13 sea shells in “Yaringa Village” (Sea shells are distributed around the beach.).

Shell power

  • Get the special meteorite piece from Echidna and use it with a sea shell (You will get to him while you progress through the game.).

You crack me up

  • Left-Click several times to open up a coconut (You can find them at Palm trees.).

Satisfied Seagulls

  • Finish the side quest in “Yaringa Village” for the crab.

Giants of the deep

  • Swim closely to a Humpback Whale (You can find the whale near the island where you need to swim over to activate the extractor.).

Surf’s up

  • Ride a wave in the ocean.

Favourite customer

  • Purchase an item from the vendor (He is under a shelter at the beach.).

Open Sesame

  • Buy the armour from the wombat with 13 sea shells, get a oxygen upgrade from the turtle. (The turtle is above the spawn point where platy woke up after the corcodile cutscene.) Then you need to dive down the ocean and look for a entrence which is located at at the side. (You see the entrence in the cutscene). After you found it swim through it, and dive down even more. After a while you see a temple. Go inside of the temple and search for a orange door. Wait for a moment while it is opening and grab the armour.

Release the Kraken

  • After the eagle fight, koala waits with a canoe boat. Dive down the area where the boat is located and look around for a entrence. Go through the entrence and swim closely to the Giant Squid.

Desert Area

Bountiful bushes

  • Collect a Bush Tomato from a bush.

Lunch swap

  • Trade some Bush Tomatoes for a Coconut with Emu (Located in “Wunggurr Village.”).

Desert lookout

  • You have to “jump” to it from a sandy slide, that exits 1 of the areas. It’s nearish to the “Wunggurr Village.” There’s a ledge that you jump to from a slide to grab onto, it’s high up near some water and a sand slide ontop of a hill.

Contact with the Entities

  • Go to the spiral portrait which is placed with stones on the ground and don’t move (It is located near the “Wunggurr Village.”).

Nature provides

  • When you are at a Macadamia nut tree (A tree with green nuts), left-click so you knock down a nut.

Koala’s plan

  • Finish the side quest in “Wunggurr Village” for Koala.

Natural defenses

  • Deal damage to an oppenent by guiding them into a cactus.

Getting some air

  • Do a jump off the ground while you are sliding down a sandy slope.

Get out of my way

  • Deal damage to an opponent while you are sliding down a sandy slope.

Crude technology

  • Purchase the “Cactus Bludgeoner” from Kangaroo with 15 pearls (Located in “Wunggurr Village”.).
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