POPGOES Arcade – How to Access the Grungle (Secret Boss)

A guide to access the secret boss of POPGOES and the Machinist; The Grungle.

Guide to Fight the Grungle (Secret Boss)

How to Fight the Grungle (Secret Boss)

The Grungle is a secret boss in POPGOES and the Machinist. This of course contains massive spoilers, but proceed if you wish to fight the secret Grungle boss.

  1. Be sure you have all the paints, and at least 642 coins. First, head down to the well and toss each coin in one at the time. After this, The Grungle will contact you saying “I do not know who you are, but I am the Grungle.”
  2. Now run around the inn of the garden 212 times. One time for each of the souls the Grungle has claimed.
  3. Look around for a gas can in the East Forest. Then, take this underground in the West Forest to find a secret torch. Using the gas on this will also unlock the achievement “Gaslighter”. Then the Grungle’s dialogue “I am the Grungle. ROYGBIVIVOSVROBROB” will appear, and thus activating the 4rd step.
  4. Head to the inn. With the Grungle’s command. Follow the command “ROYGBIVIVOSVROBROB” by using the paint cans in the inn. Once you do this, proceed to read each bestiary page for at least 10 seconds. After this, you’ll get the achievement “Bestiary Benevolence” and the Grungle will email you your final step. “Head outside the inn and meet me in the heavens above.” An image of a deep fried rat will appear on the screen, indicating the Grungle’s favourite meal; Fried Rats and Acorns.
  5. Head up the new glowing staircase which takes you “Above the garden”, a heavenly like area. The Grungle will await you for a final battle. Be sure to have a lot of acorns ready! After beating the Grungle, you’ll get the achievement; “Gaslight, Gatekeep, Grungle”.

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