POPGOES Arcade – Secret Theft King Boss Fight Guide

How to find the Theft King secret boss fight!

Guide to Secret Theft King Boss Fight

Step 1: Red Fountain

To start your hunt for theft king you must:

  • Get the key in the secret chest past the fake wall on the left side of the castle.
  • Take that key to the fountain above the garden inn and it will make the world dark to represent how close to hell we are.
  • Once you are in the dark world you must make your way back up to the secret chest where you found the key.

Step 2: Talk to Theft King

When entering the secret area you will see that it is full of fire. You’ll also notice there is a big pit that leads straight to hell with theft king standing right in front of it.

Talk to him and he will accuse you of ignoring him and sicking your animal buddies to harass him.

Hearing him cry and scream these fake accusations about you to all of his theft minions gets you fuming. Get ready for the fight!

Step 3: Burn Him for Eternity

The fight its actually pretty easy because of his manchild like behavior trying to chase that bag. He tends to miss almost every attack which is funny considering he says “You swing at the king you best not miss”.

After you beat him he says that he’ll just take the L then proceeds to jump into the pit and burns for eternity.

For doing this boss fight you will unlock a clickbait thumbnail poster for your room at the inn!

Guess we won’t be seeing him in evergreen…

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