Poptropica – Super Power Island Walkthrough Guide

In anticipation of Super Power Island being added to the game, I’m writing a walkthrough for the island from memory (it’s been a while) but I’m sure this will stand the test of time and be of some use to new players.

100% Super Power Island Walkthrough


I will continue to advocate for the Return of Super Power Island. I crave the immense satisfaction the power of flight provided.

Enjoy the guide. There are a lot of steps and because I don’t really remember you may need to read it like a choose your own adventure book.

Step 0

Wow! You’ve just arrived on Super Power Island! That’s pretty cool! Are you excited to be here? That’s nice, I am too. Super Power Island is all about the super powers: we’re talking super-speed, super-strength, flight, telekinesis, duplication and of course acne. I don’t know about you, but I’m all about that flight. Speaking of, Poptropica can we please have Super Power Island pretty please? One cool thing you should know about Super Power Island is that it is the unequivocal best island. This is an irrefutable fact! How cool’s that!?

Step 1

So you’ve hopped out of the blimp, you’re on a shoreline, and it’s not looking good for justice. Criminals are running rampant, ATM machines are being cracked into like nothing, banks are being robbed, capitalism is just present in society. Disastrous. It’s ok though, you can fix it. Head to the left for a bit of a swim, who knows it might just be ‘super’ refreshing ;). (Editors note: You don’t get super powers from swimming in the ocean)

Step 2

Oh my! That giant green rock lodged in the side of a prison can’t be good!

If memory serves, you’ll be told to get on out of there because you’re not ‘cool’ or ‘funny’ as if “Busy Penguin” can’t run a prison better than the guys that let a giant radioactive rock crash and allow the prisoners to escape with super powers smh.

Step 3 (very important)

Swim back. Go! Now! C’mon!

Step 4

Amateur hour is up. Get in the super hero shop to the right of the blimp. There’s some shopkeeper character who – if you give them a big ol’ hug – will issue you a super hero credit card with low interest rate that lets you beat people up you classify as a criminal with impunity. There is no super hero oversight committee on Super Power Island, go crazy! Not so crazy you costumize the super hero outfits though, I will laugh at you if you do sorry.

Step 5

Swim back, pick up some handcuffs from a nice lookin cop 😉 then swim back.

Step 6

Start hunting those convicts. Actually go find Ned Noodlehead in the comics shop, he’s probably got something for you. Or he’ll just gloat. I am not a Ned Noodlehead stan. He is further to the right.

The cheeky bugger will try steal all your credit at the end but thats ok because he doesn’t know how to wear underpants.

Step 7

Ned’s probably given you something stupid, so now head to the bank, which is still further right.

Step 8

Boss fight. Fight the boss. Do some finger warmups, this is serious business. If you fail the fight then you can try again, the stakes have never been this high! Run around in that building as fast as you can, make the clones go poof. The clones are all over, some are on the lights if I remember correctly so just run around and learn the spots if you fail (they don’t change spots). Lock the sucker up with a big, unfathomably cheesy grin when you knock them out with a right hook.

Step 9

Something involving a hot dog I reckon goes here. Or maybe the subway.

Step 10

If it’s the subway then it’s another boss fight time. jump around a bit on the train and get the man to slip (good thing he doesn’t run with scissors). If it’s too hard imagine the villain is a ticket inspector and you’re fare evading, should up the stakes a bit and add some advantageous familiarity.

Step 11

Uhhh. Hot dog now maybe.

I remember there’s a hot dog stand but im gonna look so stupid if it has no relevance

Step 12

Goggle man is the next big bad boy, he’ll ruin countless taxpayer dollars by tearing up the park. He has something against the environment and public spaces I presume, so you could probably beat him by showing him the climate change statistics. Instead push a rock the size of your misshapen body close to underneath the villain. He’s so evil he won’t see a massive rock launching at a million miles an hour towards him till he’s KO’d by it.

Step 13

I’ve only just remembered you get brought back to the prison after locking up each one of these rascals, but it’s too much work to go back and edit so I assume you’ve figured out you need to swimmy swim swim a lot before you can flyyyy.

Step 13 is toilet break time. Both in real life if you need it, but also for your Poptropican, get in the public bathroom in the same area you crushed Mr Goggles with a rock.

Step 14

You should be able to get in the sewers from one of the stalls, and it’s here we’re treated to a lovely depiction of class struggle by Poptropica. Good on the rat guy for making ends meet surrounded by flies while the guy at the hot dog stand makes millions, I hope he can make it above ground and escape the prison system.

Step 15

The rat guy in the last step I was referring to is of course another Boss Fight. Get ready!

Do some parkour and spin some wheels on pipes. The water level will change and flies will chase you around but the second you make it to the grimy, icky, yucky villain and punch them you will get to use the fancy handcuffs again.

Step 16

You’re nearly there!

Who am I kidding I don’t remember how this went. You might even be stuck on step 3 because i got the order wrong.

Go to the right of the public toilets. The break is over.

Step 17

This is where my memory really fails me.

Something something magnet. Dodge some junk as it gets tossed at you by a strongman, and climb up the crane to mess with the controls. Eventually you’ll get your nice, fair and equal payback for being doused in trash by completely and utterly flattening this person with a fridge. How dare they.

Peel his near lifeless body off the ground and chuck ‘im in prison for that?

Step 18

Did you hear that?

Did you?

I have no way of knowing if you lied but I hope you heard it, because it’s for you. In the first area just to the right of the comic shop there should be a phone booth that’s now ringing. Jump inside and you’ll gain the power of flight.

I can’t tell you how many phone booths I’ve gone in hoping for the same outcome because that would be embarrassing.

Step 19

You can now fly up to the top of one of the buildings you couldn’t get up before. I don’t remember which one but look for a really tall building and go up there.

Step 20

Another villain! Another Boss Fight! This one has flight too which is really cool but they’re also a despicable criminal so go get em.

This fight is all about skill, you’ll start a high speed flight chase that will twist and turn and involve green projectiles. Hang back when the projectiles come out and learn the attack patterns to weave between. Successfully avoiding projectiles will help you get closer, and being hit repeatedly will eventually knock you out of the sky so don’t be bad.

Step 21

You might think you’ve defeated all the villains, but the painful Ned Noodlehead has stolen credit. Pay him a visit and if he doesn’t want to face your wrath he’ll give you the medallion. Yahoo!

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