Post Scriptum – Mic Setup

Currently, Post Scriptum does not have a dedicated mic setup in-game. PS uses the default input device in Windows but there can be complications to setting this up correctly. This is a simple guide to help players that are having Mic setup issues.

Step by Step Mic Setup

  • 1. Exit Post Scriptum
  • 2. Type “sound” in Windows search and select Sound Settings
  • 3. Make sure the Output is set to your headphones (or whatever speaker you want) and your Input is set to your desired Mic.
  • 4. Click on the right side blue text that says Sound Control Panel.
  • 5. On Playback tab – Make sure your headphones is the default device. If not select your headphones and Click Set Default.
  • 6. Also on Playback tab – Make sure your mic is the default communications device. If not, click on your desired mic and select the down arrow next to Set Default and choose Default Communication device.
  • 7. With your default communication device selected, click the properties button. Click the levels tab and set Sidetone level to desired level. This is so you can hear yourself when you speak. Click OK to close.
  • 8. In Sound Control Panel, click on Recording tab. Make sure your desired microphone is the Default Device (should be the same as step 6).
  • 9. Click on your default device and click Properties button. Select the Levels tab and make sure microphone level is at 100. Click OK to close.
  • 10. In Recording and Playback tabs you can right-click on any device and disable it. Some people may find this helpful but it’s not always necessary.
  • 11. Click OK to close Sound Control Panel

Other Mic Advice

Other Mic and sound advice:

  • It has widely been reported that if you have an Oculus that is must be unplugged. You may even need to disable the devices in Sound Control Panel.
  • Web cams may also cause issues.
  • Some people claim that the Steam mic settings also need to be set. This is done in the lower right corner in Steam, click on Friends and Chat.
  • Then click on the cog wheel in the upper right corner. Click on the Voice option and set both Input Device and Output device to their defaults if not there already.
  • Be aware that Windows updates and Nvidia updates tend to change default devices on their own. It’s a pain but remember this next time you update either of these.
  • Also be aware that unplugging devices and plugging them back in doesn’t always guarantee that it will be set correctly. If you’ve been using multiple sound or mic devices lately, it’s best to check the Sound Control Panel before launching PS.
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