Post Void – Useful Tips and Tricks

In this guide, I will show you some ways on to improve and make you better at Post Void.

Tips and Tricks


In this game, make sure not to stop moving.

Its your only way of survival, avoiding tricky enemy attacks and making sure you get to the goal (the pool) in time. Keep going forward, you don’t have much time to admire the furniture.

Aim for the torso and above

For getting enemy deaths, aim for the enemy above the stomach, or on the head, it kills them faster. No matter the gun, it does the job, unless you use a shotgun, then just shoot anywhere. My recommendation? Slide or crouch and look up at the enemy to help, works for me at least.

Your head

Your head has your health/ is your health meter. Don’t stay still (as said in the first paragraph) as your head continues to bleed white. Enemy’s can change it too, their shots can get your health down LOW, so get them first, so they wont end you.

Enemy placements

Because the maps are very built up, enemys are basically around every corner, so get ready to fire around every round about.

And that should be everything for the beginning, please do tell me if i missed something in the comments.


Lets talk weapons


Oh boy, the starter weapon, a good one at that! This guy will surely get you through the acts most the time, it only doesn’t help if your crowded too much. No, but with all seriousness, its great, it really punches a hole in the enemy. You can find this gun, well, when you get in the game, of course, because its the starter weapon


Now this, this is good, basically pistol 2.0 because of its power and shooting speed. This little guy can get you far more than the pistol, but isn’t the best, but surely not the worst! You can find this gun through the upgrades at the end of every level.


Best of the bunch, instant murder, blood in your eyes, guts on the floor. This gun will really get you through everything, you are essentially doom guy with this! If you get it through the upgrades, consider yourself happy. You can find this gun through the upgrades at the end of every level.


Oh gosh, i knew i would have to talk about it. This is probably the worst weapon possible to pick, don’t get it. Well, firstly, it does a bit of damage, and you can charge it, but its just bad because you have to basically put your head closer than ever to the enemy, and risk some damage. There are better weapons than this. You can find this gun through the upgrades at the end of every level.

It is my opinions.

A Little About Enemies

I’m going to be honest…

I haven’t played through the whole game. So i don’t know all the enemy’s, so i just took info from google and named the enemys some funny names. Also, sorry i didnt put images of the enemys or guns on any page, im too lazy and takes too much time to write already.

Guy in the suit who hates you for some reason idk the lore

This man is the first enemy and appears in the first level and so on, takes 1 headshot to kill and a few bodyshots to kill.

Goofy looking dog who is scary and fast

Appearing in levels 2 and on, charges toward you with high damage (beware) and fairly easy to kill. You can easily headshot it or (if you suck) shot for the legs!

Things in the wall which shoot you

Appearing in level 1 and on, these things are barely noticed and you dont really need to care about, just walk past…

Ok fine, but if you want to kill them, it rapid fires at you. It is weak and easy to kill, so just do your business or walk past.

Murderous go pro drone

They are mostly in groups, coming at you, found in act 2. Easy to kill, but might surround you sometimes…

Hand with bulb, like wtf is going on

According to google, they “blind you” and “make a high pitched sound”. Idk really, but they are easy to kill with no direct threat. Found in act 3 btw.

Holy balls guy in suit 2.0

Same as the first enemy but a little harder. Found in act 3

Lastly, wall of flesh, idrk

Found in act 2, they dont harm, but more or less block and stop you. How do you get past? Shoot them, of course. Weakspot is in the center btw.

Upgrading, You Gonna Need Them to Win

Upgrades are the next best thing, they help progression AND enemy exploding.

Im not going to list them all but ill keep it simple

Weapon upgrades

You can get changes to bullets, reload speed and clip size


Get a mix of all of them, there all great!

Other kinds

You can get a compass to the goal, run speed changes when going backwards, slowing enemy bullets, less slowdown when touching enemys and more juice.


A compasss is good late game (im guessing lmao), speed change is bad and so is the slowdown. “So what do i pick” you ask? Just get compass, enemy bullet slowing and more juice for your head.

So the next time you have a choice of upgrades, pick these, because they work best in gameplay.

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