POSTAL Brain Damaged – Cruel Dude Thesis Boss Guide

How to Beat Cruel Dude Thesis Boss

Boss Phase 1: The Other DUDE (Rick Hunter)

Surprise! Turns out Leon Dusk is The Other DUDE who’s been harassing you in your dreams.

You’ll be fighting him personally in the first phase of the boss fight.

You’ll notice that he uses the same mechanics and weapons as The Postal Dude.

The Other Dude’s Attacks:

Sliding & Kicking

Throughout the fight, The Other Dude will keep sliding and jumping.

This makes him an exceptionally tricky enemy to hit.

He will also kick you if you get too close to him. Sorry for the picture.

Shotgun Blast

This attack is very deadly if you stand too close to him or if you stand in front of all those pellets.

The shotgun fires deceptively fast. It doesn’t help that he can slide aggressively towards you and pull off a close shot on you.

Machine Gun

Occasionally, The Other Dude will pull out a red machine gun. While the bullets don’t deal a lot of damage themselves, they are fast and very accurate. He will often use it in small bursts after hitting you hard, or just spray it to whittle your health down.

Rocket Launcher

The Other Dude will pull out a rocket launcher and fire rockets at you.

This attack isn’t dangerous if he uses it from afar, the real danger is when he decides to use it pointblank. So far from what I can tell, he doesn’t suffer from self-inflicted damage.

Phase 1 Tips / Cheese The MF

  • Unless your aim is quick and precise, I would not count on using slow or precision-based weapons like the rocket launcher or shotgun while he slides all over the place. He’s not dumb enough to stand still and take a shotgun blast from you.
  • I’d recommend weapons that can track enemies like the Not-So-Smart Pistol MK420 or especially Gun Goes Brr minigun if you hit the tracker on him. Even the Pu55y Blower can be great if you manage to hit him while your cats can sucked back to you.
  • Keep sliding and moving. If The Other Dude keeps sliding and dodging then you can do the same to him. Don’t make yourself an easy target, he is eager to use his shotgun on you at pointblank range.
  • Lastly, you can parry his bullets, specifically the shotgun pellets and machine gun bullets. However I recommend against doing this since he can dodge the parried shot. You also leave yourself extremely vulnerable if you parry at all.


If you want to skip this phase almost entirely, remember that Quick Pillz you picked up earlier in the prep room?

You’ll want to use it as soon as The Other Dude jumps in as shown in this picture.

This is your prime opportunity to spam as much bullets into him as you want.

I would personally recommend walking close to him and unleashing a couple pointblank shotgun blasts in his face. This will take off several chunks of his health bar.

You can use any other weapon as well, just make the most of the Quick Pillz powerup as you can.

FYI, you cannot use the Double Akimbo powerup while you have the Quick Pillz activated.

Otherwise it will cancel out the slowdown effect and you’ll have a relatively harder time hitting him.

Boss Phase 2: Teslaborgelion

I highly recommend you quicksave at this point because this second phase is very deadly.

So unless you want to enjoy fighting phase 1 again, you should get that third poster and save.

The Other Dude will jump into the Teslaborgelion suit that has been in the background of the arena.

While this boss is much larger and relatively slow compared to phase 1, it does not mean that it’ll be any easier at all.

Teslaborgelion’s Attacks:

Shockwave Stomps

Anytime the robot jumps or starts to stomp, it’ll emit a shockwave that’ll traverse through the arena.

You can simply jump over these waves to avoid damage. Just be aware that it can stomp right after jumping to create multiple waves.

Rocket Barrage

Sometimes if you’re too far away from the boss, it will start launching rockets up in the air.

The rockets will land in the area indicated by the yellow circles on the ground, usually around your general location. Just move around these circles and you should be good.

Gating Gun

The boss will rev up the gatling gun on its right arm before unleashing a bulletstorm of death on you.

This attack will track you and will absolutely kill you fast if a few bullets catch up to you.

It’s a dangerous attack that can end your run quick, so make sure to keep sliding to the side to outrun the bullets.

Scissor Attack

The boss will stand straight up for a few seconds before crouching down.

It will slide towards you while trying to cut you with its scissor claw.

In my personal opinion, this is its most BS attack. If you’re too close to the robot, it can instantly attack you with this move. Not only that but it hits incredibly hard for a nearly unavoidable move.

The one way I found that you can somehow reliably avoid this attack is by using the three launchpads in the center of the arena to jump over the scissor slide attack. So keep your eye on the boss when it telegraphs this attack otherwise you’ll take significant damage.

Phase 2 Tips

  • You should notice that the boss has several grapple rings across its body. Use your Super Hooker Shotgun to grapple those armor parts off.
  • Green circuits will be exposed after grappling those pieces off, this is where you deal damage to the boss itself.
  • You can rip off armour off of the groin area then piss on it for an achievement. It also takes off a chunk of the boss health quickly, so why not.
  • Try to stay near the launchpads at the middle of the arena as it lets you avoid the dangerous scissor attack. However don’t use the launchpads when it starts to rev its gatling gun, it’ll be guaranteed death.
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  1. I think I got lucky at some point, because Other Dude stood still when he fired the Nailbiter, allowing me to let him take the parried shot. It instantly killed him; though I already took off a third of his health, so I can’t say if it’s supposed one-shot him.

    Great guide

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