Potion Permit – Character Index Guide

Not sure who ????? in your character index is? Not sure where to find them? Here’s a brief guide for each character and where you’ll find them. Note: This is not a gift guide, or a timetable for each character.

Guide to Character Index


Welcome to Potion Permit! If you’re here, you’re probably looking to introduce yourself to everybody. Here are some things to keep in mind as you read this guide:

This is not a gift, or timetable, guide. This is just a guide to help you find the characters. Once you have found them all, your dog can help you find them in the future.

In the top left corner of your screen, you have a “trust” indicator. At the beginning of the game, you cannot introduce yourself to people and register them into your character index until it turns to a green thumbs up – which it will as you naturally progress through the story. Do not use this guide until the town begins to talk to you.

This guide is in the order they appear in your index, for ease of finding the missing black silhouettes. Therefore, the “romanceable” characters are jumbled in. I will add a “Romanceable” section at the end just confirming these characters out of order.

Note: Sick villagers do not count as people you meet when you are treating them. Therefore, you cannot meet any sick villager until you cure them, or they are sent to Matheo instead.


Bubble is fairly simple. She’s almost always in the shack at the Entrance to Meadow Range, selling any item you’ve found in the Meadow Range on a nearby till. If she is not there because it’s very early or late in the day, she may be south at her hut.


Cassandra can be tough to find for new players. She is Osman’s wife, and therefore lives at “Osman’s House” where you can sometimes catch her exiting on a morning. At other times of the day, she is in the “Willow Waters Bathhouse”.


Dan can be difficult to find. Dan is one half of a man named Dev, and as such, you can only find him half the time. Dan believes he is a pirate, and is often found at night at the small part to the west of the town hall – usually shouting that he is looking for treasure – at the level 1 fishing hotspot. At other times, you may find him at “Dev’s house”.


Dean is fairly simple. He lives at Derrek’s house, which is due north of the tailor’s shop, and works as a police officer. If he isn’t on patrol (particularly around the town hall and pub), he is in the station or home.


Derrek is Dean’s brother. He is also a police-officer and lives in – you guessed it – Derrek’s house. You may be able to catch them both leaving the house first thing in the morning, or talking to residents on patrol.


Dev is the other half of Dan, and thankfully much easier to find than Dan is. Dev lives at Dev’s house, and works at the town hall in the post-office section. You can find him there most days.


Forrest is the second ranger in the ranger post at the entrance of the Meadow Range. He can be found standing next to the sign and giving you warnings about entering the Range without food. When he isn’t there, he’s most likely in his hut to the south.


Garret can be tough to find. Garret lives in the farmhouse (found north of the village) with a few others, and does not have a set schedule. The best thing to do is find him in the morning as he’s waking up.


If your experience of Potion Permit was anything like mine, you should have no problems finding Hannah. But if you do, she lives in a hut to the very west of the village, near Xiao’s and the Carpenters. During the daytime, she works at the tailors behind Town Hall. She can also be found in the inn on an evening.


Helene is thankfully very easy to find. She essentially lives behind the counter in the basement of the inn, in the arcade.


Kipps is the local cat. They can be quite difficult to find, but I found they patrolled the small stretch of path between the tailors and the town park very often. If you struggle to catch Kipps, they will eventually appear around this area.


Laura lives at the farmhouse to the north with a few other people. As she’s a child, she has no set schedule, and your best bet is to grab her as she’s waking up whilst you meet Garret there anyway. But she can be see sitting near Town Hall with Russo or playing at the beach to the north-west occasionally.


Leano is fairly easy. She’s a shop-keeper, so she’s behind her till most of the time, or at the inn drinking/hanging in the arcade. She owns the “Primrose Sail” moored at the beach in the very north-west of the village.


Lucke can be tricky to find, due to the fact he goes on walks often. He also lives with Garret and Laura in the farmhouse to the very north of the village, and tends the farmhouse shop. If he isn’t at the till, you can find him outside with the cows or crops, usually. If he isn’t there, he may be walking near the park at town hall, or in the inn drinking.


You probably know her already, but Mariele is Myer’s wife, and spotted in most early game cutscenes alongside him and their daughter Rue. Catch her at Myer’s house in the very south of the village, next to Dev’s house and Opalheart’s shop. Otherwise, she can be found drinking inside and outside of the inn.


Martha is straight-forward to find. She works as a bartender in the inn, and also lives there. You’ll find her there 9/10 times.


Matheo is arguably the hardest to find, and I’m willing to wager that he’s the character most people looking at this guide are missing. He lives outside of town, and his house is fairly hidden. He lives in the very south of the map, near Forrest’s house and Meadow Range. On the path to Forrest’s house, the road splits in two, and goes to a bunch of densely placed trees. You can walk through these trees, and Matheo’s house is on the other side. He spends the majority of his time here, and you most likely will have to go out of your way to find him here.


Mercy is yet another person that lives at the farmhouse to the north of the village. She is occasionally in the tailors, but she’ll spend the majority of her time at the farmhouse.


You know Myer. He’s the mayor. If he’s not in town hall, he’ll be at his house or drinking at the inn with Mariele. The easiest thing to do is just catch him at the end of a cutscene before he walks off too much.


Nova is the owner of the tailor shop. Just visit it during the opening hours, and she should be there. Otherwise, she’ll be wandering around town and spending a lot of her time in the park to the left of the town hall.


Olive runs the bathhouse with Cassandra, and this is where she can be found most of the time. The bathhouse is north-east of the village in the very top-most corner. She can also be found at her house, which is parallel to your own home – only across the bridge.


Opalheart is the town’s smithy. She can be found in her house due south of the town hall, over the bridge leading to Myer and Dev’s house, or her shop “Hearts and Sparks” – She’s generally always there. If she isn’t, she’ll be at the inn downstairs in the arcade (Ironically still calling you a sloth when she’s sat gambling.).


Osman is a police officer. If he isn’t house in his house directly south of your own, he’s in the police station conveniently south of his own home. On rare occasions, he’s outside the town hall or the inn.


Ottmar is fairly simple to find. He’s often working in the Primrose Sail (the boat moored at the beach in the very north-west of the village) with Leano on the desk next to hers, at his stall right outside the Primrose Sail, or drinking/playing in the arcade with Leano in the inn on an evening.


Reyner is simple enough to find as a shopkeeper. He is in his shop, and home, “The Bulk and Build” to the west of the town hall and park. If he isn’t there, he’s drinking in the inn, or fishing near the Primrose Sail.


Rue can be trickier to find, because you haven’t been used to seeing her around the town whilst the village still hated you. The easiest choice for her is visit Myer’s house in the very south-west of the village.


Runeheart is Opalheart’s daughter, and generally, found in the same places. She’s either at Opalheart’s house, or the “Hearts and Sparks” shop (Directions can be found in Opalheart’s section, or opening your map with “M”). If she isn’t there, she is on rare occasion in the inn drinking, or hanging around the park.


Russo can be tricky to find. He technically lives at the Monastery, but is almost never there. You can find him at the outlook behind the monastery, the beach near Primrose Sail, the park near the townhall, or in front of the town hall itself with Laura.


This woman is wonderfully easy to find. If she isn’t in the Monastery, she’s at the church or the outlook behind it, singing (Very rarely, she is on the benches to the right of the “Moonbury Town Square” teleport spot.).


I don’t pretend to understand this psychopath’s schedule. He’s the graveyard undertaker – so you can absolutely catch him at the monastery. Sometimes I’ve seen him on the benches on the right next to the “Moonbury Town Square” teleport spot.


Xiao is fairly simple to find. He is either at his house to the very west of the village, just below the entrance to the beach, or the counter of the town hall, or the inn (he can be drinking, or sitting in the arcade).


Yorn is simple to find. He’s the bartender of the inn, and can be found behind the counter 9/10 times.


Zeke is one of the harder ones to find, purely because his schedule is so varied. He can be at his hut to the south of “The Bulk and Build” or at the beach, or the outlook behind the church, or outside the police station, or sitting on a bench next to the “moonbury town square” teleport spot, or even in the town park.

Romanceable Characters

Want to know the exhaustive list of characters you can romance in the game? Then look no further (Note: these are repeated characters that are already outlined above.)!

There are 6 in total.








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