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Frequently Asked Questions


What platforms will Potion Permit be available on?

  • PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4/5, Xbox One/Series X.

How much will it cost on Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One and Steam?

  • £16.00/19.99€/$19.99

How much does the physical version of Potion Permit be?

  • £34.99/39.99€/$39.00

What is the average playtime for Potion Permit?

  • 30 – 40 hrs


Does the Steam version support ultra-wide resolution?

  • No.

Will Potion Permit be optimised for Keyboard and mouse?

  • Yes.

Will Potion Permit have controller support?

  • Yes.

What languages are supported?

  • English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Chinese and Korean.

How can I report bugs?

  • Report any bugs in the #bug-report channel on the MassHive Media discord.

How many Trophies/Achievements will there be?

  • 38 achievements/trophies

Are there any hidden trophies? If so, will there be a trophy guide for consoles and steam?

  • There are no hidden achievements/trophies.


Is there a physical version available?

  • The physical edition of Potion Permit is available to pre-order from our friends at Funstock or a retailer of your choice.

Is there a collector’s edition available?

  • The collector’s edition of Potion Permit is available to pre-order from our friends at Funstock and includes a physical copy, an artbook, a certificate, an acrylic standee, and a cleaning cloth.

How can I see who will be listing the physical version of the game in my country/region?

  • Head onto the Potion Permit website and select ‘Buy Now’ to find out where the game will be available in your country.


What do you mean by Open-ended sim RPG?

  • Once you have completed the game with all its quests, you have the freedom to keep playing, to keep exploring Moonbury, brew potions, build relationships and so on. So, while there is an end to the plot, you are free to continue to game afterwards.

Are there different game modes?

  • No.

Will the physical edition include the DLC like the digital deluxe edition?

  • Unfortunately, not. However, the DLC will be included in the Collector’s edition of Potion Permit.

How many levels are there in total?

  • There are 3 areas of the game for the player to explore: a grassland area, a desert area, and a snowy area.

What is the role of the dog?

  • Your dog is not only your loyal companion but can help you locate certain items … and you can pet it.

What do I do with the ingredients I harvest?

  • Ingredients can be used to brew potions which will help you cure the people of Moonbury.

Will there be weapons in the game?

  • No weapons, only tools which can be used gather ingredients and to defeat monsters.

What do I use each tool for?

  • You may use your hammer to smash rocks and stones, your axe to cut down trees, and your sickle to harvest ingredients and plants. All tools can additionally be used to battle monsters.

How do I improve relationships with the townsfolk?

  • Help around town and cure the people of Moonbury to receive approval badges which will improve people’s sentiment towards you. If you want to improve individual relationships, regularly talk to the townsfolk and follow their gift-giving tradition to make an impression on people.

Can you romance NPCs? If so, who are the romance-able characters?

  • You will be able to romance NPCs.

How do I rank up my town badge?

  • Finish quests and run errands around town to improve your badge.

Can you fast-travel/ teleport in the game to make traveling to locations easier?

  • Yes, you can, you can unlock fast travel points all over the map and through them teleport across the map.

How big is the map?

  • Pretty big. The player has access to Moonbury town, a grassland area, a desert area, and a snowy area.

How many minigames are there?

  • 1 currently implemented. More are planned.

Can you make health potions? How can you restore health?

  • You can restore health by resting (sleeping or taking a bath at the bathhouse) and eating.

How many ways can you make a single potion?

  • There’s no one way to make a potion. The more ingredients you’ve got, the better as the number of ways to make a potion will increase significantly.


  1. good day/night.

    i dont know where u should report bugs can someone tell me?

    first i got that Teleportation bug where you get Teleported outside the map where you shouldnt be and you cant come back and have to restart the game or wait till 2 am to faint.

    and the Second appeared when i went out onna date with my love interest after our date my screen when black , i was still able to move and do everything i just couldnt see where i was or what im exactly doing so i had to wait till 2 am to faint and then the screen was normal again.

    if anyone knows where i can report these bugs please tell me

  2. hello I’ve come across a bug at the bath house every time I use the bath house once the cut scene finishes and you load at the doorway it freezes I can skip it though by hold B

  3. Hello,
    I have an issue and I’m not sure what to do about it.

    I’ve been trying to do the following potions: Pungent Draught / White Breeze / Liquid fertilizer.

    Everywhere I look for help they use 6 pieces to solve the puzzle. I can only put 5 but my pieces have the same shape as the one on the solutions so I can’t do anything about it or progress in the game.

    I’m playing on my switch and got the game september 22nd.

    Please help me

    • hey there… you have to go to the heart and sparks shop and buy another slot for your cauldron. i think i’ve gone through all of the main quests and i only needed to add three more slots total.

  4. there is a bug regarding Xioa’s event where you meet him in the inn and Helene reads the tarot cards. currently you have to L skip over the scene otherwise the dame gets frozen

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