Power & Revolution 2021 Edition – How to Get Rid of the Pandemic Fast

Do you wanna get rid of the pandemic soon as possible? There are two ways to do it depending on your country being or not a vaccine producer.

Guide to Get Rid of the Pandemic Fast

First Day Policies for All Countries

At first, pause your game soon as possible and take the following actions:

In COVID health tab:

  • Check all boxes regarding to vaccination policies.
  • Set the testing box to the maximum possible, this will be very important because you’ll know the real need as the game is bugged and shows the same demand for any option…
  • Set both masks (common and high protection) boxes to the maximum as we did with testing, the reason is the same. There are countries already set in this mode, specially with high protection masks.

Don’t forget to write when your country will run out of supplies with the starting policies. This will be important to balance your supplies with the first contract delivery.

  • Set the vaccinations priorities: government officials (this includes yourself), healthcare workers, education workers and essential workers.

In COVID work tab:

  • Hard but necessary, specially in high-spreading countries like UK, Brazil, India, Russia and USA: Economic lockdown!

In COVID police tab:

  • Set mandatory COVID surveillance box.
  • Also close borders, forbid travels, set limited public transportation (middle box, otherwise public transportation sector can get down), set total quarantine, close all businesses except markets and drugstores, set restaurants to delivery only mode, close schools and forbid meetings with more than 10 people.

Be calm, these hard measures will last less than two months!

First Day Policies If You Are a Vaccine Producer Country

If you’re playing with USA, UK, China or Russia, you’ll do the same things as a non-producer country, however, things will be a lot easier because a magic will happen 15 days after this step…

Go to research tab, find the vaccine technology and patent your vaccine!

Trust me, this will turn the key to fight the pandemic!

As the 2021 game don’t start with a medicine producer country, it won’t be able to patent it.

In the first February week, China, France, UK, Russia and USA will have medicine against COVID.

You won’t have medicine technology even playing with these countries! Don’t waste money trying to research it: it will not get ready soon even with full stars and billions in cooperation agreements.

First Day Contracts

Now go back to COVID health tab and make the following contracts:

  • Maximum amount of high protection masks with all four producer countries: China, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. Don’t change the price, just set the amount to the maximum.
  • Maximum amount of common masks. Don’t change the price. Two or three contracts with different countries, preference for dark green and poorer countries – the denial chance will be lower.
    Don’t try to get with your own country, it’s almost every time refused… This is Power and Bugonation series…
  • Maximum amount of COVID tests. Three or four contracts. It works the same as common masks but with all countries being producers.
  • Maximum amount of vaccines. Try to get them with all four producers, even 75% Chinese vaccine. This will be important to start the vaccination because the countries start without any vaccine supply (which isn’t true, another game fail).

Important: if you have an active contract with a country, that country will refuse another contract until deliver the current one! So, it’s time waste to try a lot of contracts with USA to buy their 95% vaccine, per example.

Third Day Policies and Contracts

You will receive the contracts’ answers as well the results of the policies taken.

  • Regarding to the vaccine contracts: if you got four vaccine contracts, nice! Being a vaccine producer contract, you can even suppress the contract with China, otherwise keep it.
  • Three initial contracts are enough to keep a continuous vaccination flow – the contracts are limited to 25% of your population in units.
  • With two contracts, your country can suffer with vaccine shortage at the end of contract period – I’m talking about it because you will always sign a new contract with the supply arrival (also, of course, you must give priority to 95% vaccine).

If you get only one or even nothing, keep trying.

Pay attention: vaccines deliveries can be delayed by the sellers!!!! If you wanna avoid it, save your game 3 days before the contract deadline because the deliver usually is made two or one day before.

Another important tip: the vaccination capacity of a country is around 1% of its population doses per 1-3 days! Example: your country has 100 million people, so, the vaccination rate will be 1 million doses each day / each 2 or 3 days. This is an average figure, but keep in mind the doses rate. This will be a lot important because 1 dose vaccines will be available soon if you’re playing with a producer country. If you aren’t playing, France will be the next country with the vaccine around September and it will be a 90% 1 dose vaccine.

Regarding to the masks and tests: now you’ll have the real masks and tests needs, so, manage the “hardness” of testing and masks policies according to your current supplies and match it with the contracts deadlines.

If you’re playing with a populous country such as China, India, USA or Brazil, your deliveries will happen in late January – first February week. In smaller countries, the deliveries will be made sooner than this.

The 15th January Magic for the Patented Vaccine

You, playing as a producer contry, patented your vaccine…

Two weeks later, in the first weekly calculation… There will be a lot of vaccine producer countries!

And the best part of it: several of them will offer 90% one dose vaccine! Just make the needed contracts with these countries and be happy! The pandemic will be surely ended in May!

January Last Week – The Medicine Against COVID

China, USA, France, UK and Russia will discover the medicine against COVID in January last week or first February weeks – unless you’re playing with them as I said before.

It was discovered, in this game, in 2nd February but bugged…

The bug was solved with weekly economic calculation and it was possible to sign the contract in 5th February.

So, buy it soon as possible and in the maximum amount. I advise you to buy two or three times only because the medicine delivery time is shorter and, with the medicine, people won’t die neither use intensive care hospital beds. With this, the death toll will stop and, alongside the vaccination, the pandemic will start to shrink. The medicine is expensive but will end killing, it’s worth, but pay attention to avoid overstock.

With medicine, you can start lifting the hard measures as you want.


I took the same policies and made the same contracts in the same country (UK) to compare the methods.

I always waited until the end of the vaccination of the group to advance to the next. The priorities group were:

  • 1st – government, healthcare workers, education workers and essential workers (with this, it’s possible to lift one box regarding to schools in just one week)
  • 2nd – Elderly and vulnerable
  • 3rd – Adults
  • 4th – Children and teenagers
  • 5th – Everyone

For both cases, I got one initial vaccine contract with USA, UK and Russia. Without patenting the vaccine, then I got only USA vaccines. With patented vaccines, I bought only 90% 1 dose vaccines:

As you can see, deaths simply end with medicine:

No more deaths since March!

Results with Patented Vaccines


As you can see, I got almost 40% fully vaccinated in the first weekly calculus of April. First March calculus reported around 13% vaccination (which was got mostly by two dose vaccines, remember that one dose pace is the double of two dose). I didn’t continue but, at that rate, I’d reach 70% vaccination in the first May weekly calculus, thus putting an official end to the pandemic – the game criteria is that, it’s not mine.

Tip: the debt triggers will return when you reach 70% vaccination so, if the pandemic is controlled, you can manage this.

Comparison between UK and France (similar population and starting pandemic conditions)

As you can see, with medicine, lockdown, masks, testing and 40% vaccination, the pandemic is numerically over in first April week.

Cases per million people:

As you can see, the number dropped from 4468 to 1461 in just one month and to 474 in two months. Almost ended in April.

Without patented vaccine, the numbers are almost the same until March. The pandemic will be controlled but at a much higher cost because more medicine and the double number of vaccines will be needed. While total vaccination will be achieved in May with the patented vaccine strategy (buying only 1 dose vaccine, of course), without doing this it will be probably achieved in September.

I tested the same guide for 2022 edition and… It works! But more and more vaccines are necessary due to boosters.

2022 edition starts with the same vaccine producer countries plus France with one dose 90% vaccine and with UK and Sweden as medicine producer countries.

I hope you enjoyed it!

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