PowerWash Simulator – Finishing the Levels Doing Parkour

This guide explains how to finish the levels in the game doing parkour. This means that using the step, ladder and scaffolding are not allowed. The order of the levels is how I did them on my playthrough so it can be different from your order.

What Isn’t Allowed when Doing Parkour

You are not allowed to use the step, the ladder and the scaffolding. While you are allowed to walk over the ladder when it is laying on the ground (as this isn’t giving you any advantage) you are not allowed to walk over the step and also not up the scaffolding no matter how good the location is that it is standing in.

And on the subject of it: You are also not allowed to pick them up and place them somewhere else. Yes, this effectively means that the scaffolding is an obstacle.

So in sum it means this:

What You Need for Doing Parkour

You really need the long extension for your washer (short one is optional as is soap) and the extra long extension once it is available as you need to have the longest reach possible. Additionally the extension will give your water jet a bit more power on the shorter distance but it will also decrease the width of the water jet. So it is a trade off. It can be better to use a shorter extension or none if you can clean a bigger area than with using a longer extension.

Also you need patience. Some levels require some tries to get to the roof via parkour.



Not much parkour needed here. You can get on the roof of the van by jumping on the front hood and walking up.

Carefull with the step there! It is a bit in the way.

Back Garden

You can get on the roof of the shed by jumping from the handle of the lawnmower.

From the roof of the shed you can also get to the roof of the sofa swing.

To get on the parasol you jump on one chair and from there on the parasol.

Here is a demonstration on how to get on the roof of the shed:

Dirt Bike

No parkour needed here. The level is pretty simple in that aspect.


You can get on the roofs either by walking up the wooden beams to the monkey bars or you can just do it from the railing of one of the bridges.

Here is a little demonstration:


Jump on the hedge to the right of the Bungalow (from when you spawn in) and then run-jump on the roof. Alternatively you can also do it from the front hedge. In both cases keep the key for running pressed until you are on the roof.

Here is a little demonstration on how to do it from the front hedge:

Golf Cart

Just like the Van this level is pretty straight forward and the roof can be accessed by jumping on the front hood and then on the roof.

Detached House

For the Detached House you need precision. This will be the first bigger obstacle in your way. Get on one of the railings and run-jump to the gutter. You might have to try a few times but it is doable. Here is a video of how to do it:

Shoe House

The shoe house requires precise jumping. Both to get on the roof and to get to the backside. You can also get to the backside from the roof though it isn’t very easy. Here you have to find your own prefered way on getting there.

Pro Tip: Do as much as possible from the ground with the long extension. The more you clean from the ground the less you have to clean by just jumping around.

Here is a demonstration on how to get on the roof and to the backside:

Vintage Car

Just like with the Van no real parkour needed here.

Forest Cottage

Pretty easy. Jump from the stairs in the front of the building to the side of the roof and keep walking up.

Here is a demonstration of how to do it:


Getting on the surrounding parts is pretty easy. You have two low parts you can jump on on either side which you can walk up and get the surrounding parts.

The melon loop is pretty easy as you only need to jump on it.

Motorbike and Sidecar

No parkour needed.


Just like the Van. Pretty easy, no parkour needed.

Penny Farthing

No parkour needed. But here is little tip: Don’t use soap. The whole thing is only worth 10$ and your soap is likely more than the thing. Use the turbo nozzle instead.

Fire Station

Let’s break this level down into two parts: The Drill Tower and the main building.

The Drill Tower

The Drill Tower really needs you to use the long extension and the nozzles correctly. Clean from the ground as much as possible that way and then go up (clean the inside while you are in there). On the roof you have to go on the ledge to clean more of the building. The front and back parts of the Drill Tower will need some good crouching on the very small ledges but it is possible when you put the extension away for this part. In the worst case you have to jump down from the roof to clean it and run it back up again until it is finished. And no, there is no fall damage in the game.

The Main Building

Use the pole in front of the station to your advantage and run-jump towards the building. Keep on running until you are up. Pressing jump can also be very helpfull here. Here is a demonstation of how to do it:

Grandpa Miller’s Car

No parkour needed here that needs explaining (you already did this with the Van and SUV, remember?).

Tree House

To get on the roof of the building you jump on the top railing and from there on the roof. The underside is best cleaned with the long extension and yellow nozzle. For the small gaps use the turbo nozzle.

Fire Truck

You can get on the roof of it via the side consoles or the back.

Recreation Vehicle

You can get on the roof either via jumping on the front hood and walking up or by jumping on the back spare tire and from there on the roof.

Fire Helicopter

Clean as much as possible from the ground. To get on it jump on one of the wheels and from there on the support of the wheels and you are pretty much on the helicopter.

Here is a demonstration:

Mayor’s Mansion

No parkour needed as it is not existent here. For the building use the extra long extension and the turbo nozzle.


Well, you came this far and now it will get difficult. You need two very precise jumps to get on the roof. Here is a video that shows how to do it:

Run-jump on the ticket booth and from there aim for one of the bulbs and jump and then press run directly after you jumped. If done correctly you can either keep running to get up or you need a last jump. And if you made it you can pat on your back because that was not easy.

To clean the small ledges you need to do some very precise walking on the edge. The bulbs are there to help you but don’t rely too much on them.


Jump on the top via the belts.


Jump on the pedastals at the front door and then on the roof. From there you can jump to the higher roofs without problems.

Here is a demonstration:


You are inside. There is no parkour needed.

Helter Skelter

You can get on the roof by jumping on the railing at the top and from there to the roof. To clean some side panells you can just run up to them. Don’t forget to keep yourself up cause gravity tries to get you down again!

Private Jet

Again: Clean as much from the ground as possible. To get on it, run towards one of the wings and jump. Keep on running and at some point and angle you will get up there. Don’t run from the back of the jet as the engine is blocking this way.

Here is a demonstration:

Frolic Boat

Pretty easy. Jump on your van and from there on the boat. To get on the roof use the cat statue in the front.

Here is a demonstration of it:

Monster Truck

Not much needed here. Jump on one of the wheels and from there you can simply jump on the roof.

Ferris Wheel

Pretty easy to do. Use the pods for the middle stuff and the beams. For the outer part of the star shape jump from a pod to the center bolt, remove the extensions and clean it while the ferris wheel is active.

Subway Station

Not really much parkour needed here. To get on the Subway Information Box you can jump on it from either Bench. You should clean the Uplighting Ledge and the Uplighting from there using the long or even extra long extension and the turbo nozzle for the far away ones. However, you won’t be able to fully clean these from the Box so you need to get on the Benches and then jump until you get them. That will take a bit but is doable.

Fortune Teller’s Wagon

To get on the roof here just jump on the chest and from there on the Canopy and then just walk up to the roof.

Alternatively you can also jump from the Staircase Handrail onto the roof.

Ancient Statue

Not much needed here. The site itself is pretty well laid out for that.

Stunt Plane

No big parkour needed here. Getting on the top is working pretty much the same as with other vehicles.

Ancient Monument

No parkour needed here.

Fishing boat

No parkour needed there. Just a bit of easy jumping.

Lost City Palace

This level can also be cleaned without any needed parkour. To get up you can just walk up the pyramid.

Written by Wolfgang

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